Everything you only know if you live in David Kato College

All hail the Kato potato

David Kato is the newest college here at the University of York and it is yet to have a fully-fledged reputation. With its big beds, en-suites, and the famous Kato hub, this college is a mystery to everyone aside those who live there. Living in David Kato truly is a unique experience that only its inhabitants will ever have the pleasure to understand.

The studio

Arguably the most wholesome part of David Kato college, the studio is the perfect escape for any situation. Whilst still in the hub it’s treated like a quiet study space meaning it feels like its own little world. Home to games, colouring pens, and a flat-screen TV the studio is the most under appreciated part of the college and the perfect retreat for when you urgently need to finish that summative.

The Kato Hub

Like its Anne Lister counterpart, the David Kato hub is the trademark of this college. On first entrance, it gives a Tate Modern light show a run for its money, with its minimalist decor and a distinct colour scheme, yet as you progress, there appears to be an area for everyone. Quiet booths and bench seating means that the hub is the perfect place to catch up with friends or a group study sesh. Not to mention the pool and table tennis tables that seem to always be taken up by a pro tournament, which provides a perfect procrastination opportunity on your way to the laundry room.

The flats themselves

David Kato on the surface appears to fit in well with the east campus vibe, with its double beds and en-suite bathrooms. The decor is colourful and welcoming making it the perfect base for decorating and helping you to settle in and feel at home at uni. The one detracting factor is the floor-length windows but you’ll quickly learn to close the blinds.

The Kato Potato

Surely the name speaks for itself. Since potato rhymes with Kato, the college often does potato-themed events ranging from finding potato toys (my flat named ours Jeff) to more common jacket potatoes. Although it may seem strange to outsiders, we secretly do kind of like it.

Circuit Laundry

The Kato laundry is maybe the oddest part of this college. Granted all laundry rooms are strange, but Kato’s takes it to a whole new level. Located in the hub with floor-length glass windows that make loading and unloading your washing machine a time trial to avoid embarrassing moments. Every Katonian dreads lugging their Ikea bag there just for the washing machine to still all be in use, even though the app says differently!

Maybe the best part is the peg display of lost socks on the wall.

Kato confessions

All other college confession pages seem to have died down as the year progresses as essays are set and deadlines are approaching, but not Kato confessions. The bright orange page is fuelled by anonymous swipes, jokes, and callouts that keep us all up at night.

The floor-length windows and fear of being caught out make the threat even more real.

The swimming pool pond

With steps and railings the designer must have known the pond gives off swimming pool vibes. It’s a smoking area for some and marks home to everyone living in A-D block. But mainly it strikes fear into everyone’s visiting parents.

And yes, someone did try to swim in it…

The locked gates

The Kato gates are the biggest downside to this college by far. The entrances to each block are shut between 5pm and 9am every weekday and are not open at all on the weekend. The walk back from the bus stop is always made worse when you realise your block’s gate has been shut and you have to wander through the glaring, bright lights of the Kato hub at 2am post Salvos, fearing which flatmate you’ll see studying away and silently judging your return.

Please David Kato College, open the gates and save us all the embarrassment.

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