Warwick SU’s Graduation Ball 2023 has been cancelled

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The annual graduation ball for Warwick students has been cancelled this year, due to a failure to book venues post-pandemic.

The Grad Ball, run by the university’s Student Union, normally takes place in the final term of the academic year.

The ball celebrates the graduation of Warwick university students, and usually includes drinks, music, food and a theme.

However, due to a high demand of venues post-pandemic and a lack of other suitable places to facilitate the event, it has now been cancelled for 2023.

The Warwick SU said: “Unfortunately there will not be a Grad Ball going ahead this year. There has been a huge interest in booking venues post-pandemic, so we weren’t able to secure the venue that we have used over the last few years.

“There are no other suitable venues within a reasonable distance that would facilitate the style of event and numbers needed to ensure that the event was not run at a considerable loss.

“As it is our responsibility to ensure that the monies used by the SU are used for the benefit of students, we could not justify this use of charity funds.”

Are you a final year student? What do you think about having no grad ball this year? DM us on Instagram @thewarwicktab to let us know! We’d love to hear from you. 

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