Here are all the best signs from today’s #ShameOnYouWarwick protest

The march ended with students protesting outside university management’s office

Students from Warwick University participated in a march today protesting against the university's handling of the group chat boys.

The protest was hosted by nine Warwick societies and included a reading from one of the victims of the chat who had been named in the messages.

The march went from central campus and ended outside University House, where the offices of university management is stationed.

Here are a selection of some of the best signs from today's protest.

Molly Palmer, Second Year

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Iffah Syafiqah and Teruni Ahamat- First Year, Psychology

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Megan Dixon, Second Year

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Iona Cameron- Third Year

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Lizzy Plant – Third Year, Theatre

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This sign comes as a response to the news that Warwick's Director of Press and Media Relations, Peter Dunn, was in charge of the investigation

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You can find more coverage of today's protest on @thetab_warwick Instagram.