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Warwick students organise march against return of group chat boys, posting list of demands to the uni

The march is taking place on Wednesday February 6th

Warwick students are organising a march in protest of the return of the group chat boys.

The event, jointly held by four Warwick student societies, has listed four demands of the university, which are:

1. A life-long ban for those found culpable in the original complaints process, from both campus and from completing studies at the University of Warwick.

2. A review of the University’s processes concerning bullying, harassment, and discrimination and the related complaints process, in line with UCU’s call for an inclusive commission. We would want this review to involve all relevant stakeholders, including the victims, the Students’ Union, and staff, and for it to be conducted in a transparent manner.

3. An independent and public inquiry into the University’s failure to handle the ongoing complaints process, which began last year, in an appropriate manner.

4. Financial investment and support from the University to facilitate bystander intervention training for all staff and students.

The demands are signed by Warwick for Free Education, Warwick Enable, Warwick Pride, Warwick Sexpression, who make up a number of student societies co-hosting the event, named: "Reclaim our University Demo #ShameOnYouWarwick,", and

The protest, called, is being hosted by Warwick For Free Education, Warwick Pride, University of Warwick Labour Society, Warwick Anti-Racism Society and Warwick Anti-Sexism Society.

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The march is taking place on Wednesday 6th February. An opening rally will begin at 1pm on central campus, followed by a march across campus.

A Facebook description event condemns the university's action saying: "The university is sending a message this behaviour is acceptable, and the rehabilitation of those who glorify sexual violence is more important than the safety and education of those they seek to attack."

An updated event description says: "Currently, the university has stated that some of the students will not be returning, however, some of those involved are still due to return in September.

"Throughout the complaints process, the University failed to communicate effectively with the victims involved, as well as with the broader Warwick community. They failed in their duty of care to the victims by conducting the complaints process in an inappropriate manner. Furthermore, the University continues to fail the victims and the community by failing to be transparent regarding this ongoing issue."

Last week, The Warwick Tab exposed a second group chat, in which one of the members of the original chat said "let's do it all again," showing little remorse for the rape threats made in the first group chat.

The protest is just one of the ways that students are speaking out on the issue. A petition calling for the boys not to return to university has surpassed 71,000 signatures.

Students have also taken to Twitter , using the hashtag #ShameOnYouWarwickUni to show their dismay for the university's response.

A number of departments have also spoken out against the university's handling of the punishments. Professor Emma Mason, the English department's head, said staff are "especially appalled" at the university's decision.

Find out more about the march here.

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