I’m an international student and I feel like we’ve been forgotten in the pandemic

I’m lonely and I feel like a money bank

How has Southampton continued to support the BLM movement after its march?

The protests continue to make a difference

While SUSU remain silent about Emily Dawes, they ask students to vote on whether they should start selling meal deals

We may not have a Union president for the rest of the year, but at least we’ll have £3 lunches, right?

Want one easy thing you can do to improve your mental health? Have an Instagram detox!

You’ll thank us later

Supreme court president makes first appearance since Article 50 ruling

On Monday night the President of the Supreme Court made his first public appearance since the “Article 50 Case” ruling at Southampton University.

Why Oceana is my favourite Soton night out

Student Therapy Wednesdays for life

Why drunk girls in nightclub toilets are the nicest people in the world

“OMG you are like, so pretty!”

‘Democracy doesn’t matter’ – SUSU Councillor at Emergency Meeting

At yesterday’s Emergency Union Council Meeting, heated words were exchanged about the rebrand date.

Heard something you think
we should know?

We want to look into your case


Rebrand: The Logo, the Process and the Reputational Risks

The response to students’ concerns about the rebrand has been patronizing and undemocratic

The Real Problem with SUSU’s Brand

The only way to fix SUSU is for students to vote out the “SUSU Clique”.

A translation of SUSU’s response to criticism

“We know what you want better than you do”

Jailbreak is fundraising for attention seekers

It’s just another excuse for students to boost their egos and have a bit of a laugh with their mates.

Christmas is dead, and John Lewis killed it

Capitalism has won

American Football: The Lowest Common Denominator

It’s just for incompetent rugby players with no attention span

Universities and the Suppression of Dissent

“University life is punctuated by a single minded desperation to quash any dissenting opinion”

SUSU are serving their own egos before students

A Library you can use anytime! So what’s the issue?