Six ways you can achieve a balanced life as a Notts student

Uni isn’t always easy


As a uni student it can sometimes feel like there’s an endless list of things that need to be done which can feel very overwhelming at times. It can feel like an impossible task to juggle uni work and catching up on assignments, working a part time job, trying to have a fun and exciting social life, exercising or getting involved in a club or society all whilst making sure to cook, clean and generally keep yourself alive and well.

However, now that I am in my second year here in Nottingham, I have developed some strategies for making sure that I am keeping on top of everything. Well most of the time at least- we all have our bad days! To help you out, I have come up with five top tips for balancing life as a Notts student.

1. Organisation

You’ve probably heard this already from teachers and parents and people who just seem to magically have their lives together, but organisation really is the key to a successful uni life. Physically noting down what work you have to do and when can make the impossible to-do list seem that little bit more possible. I like to use momentum, which is a Chrome extension that allows me to keep up to date with all my tasks and deadlines for the week ahead, whether that be seminar reading, lessons I have to prepare for my part-time tutoring job or even writing this very article which has taken me a month to do by the way. I’m still learning to master the skill of organisation.

2. Look after your mental health

Whether you’re trying to be an academic weapon this year or a Crisis warrior, remember that it’s important to look after your mental health and take time to recharge, otherwise there’s no doubt that you’ll reach inevitable burnout. Go for a walk, watch your comfort show or eat an entire bar of chocolate – no one’s judging. Do whatever you need to do to feel better and avoid overwhelming yourself. Also remember that your loved ones are never more than a phone call away and they want to know how you’re doing, even if you’re struggling.

3. Time management

It is easy to think that there is simply not enough time to get all your work done – this is simply not true. Similarly to being organised, ensuring that you have good time management is another key to being successful at uni. Remember that you’re not a robot and you can’t spend all your time working- make sure when planning your week that you leave time for fun things like socialising, taking part in societies, going on nights out in Rock City or Ocean if that’s your vibe.

Oh, and of course going for coffee in nice independent cafés around the Victoria Centre where you pretend to do work.

4. It’s okay to struggle

Remember that we’re only human and it’s okay and normal to find balancing everything difficult at times. I have definitely found this since being at uni but I think remembering that you don’t have to be perfect and do everything has made things that bit easier. Once you remove the pressure to be some sort of time management wizard, you can more easily enjoy your time at university, however you choose to spend it.

5. Enjoy yourself

It’s important to remember that whilst you are paying over nine thousand pounds a year to get a degree, you are also paying for the whole experience. Remember to have fun and enjoy being a student, because when again in your life will you be able to go on a night out on a Monday?

6. Try and find a flexible part time job

For many of us the student loan just doesn’t quite cut it. Uni is hard enough trying to balance academic work and a social life and adding in a part time job to the equation can at times feel impossible. UniTemps is often a great place to start looking where you might find some jobs that will allow you to cope with your workload an allow you to pick up shifts when your schedule allows and also being understanding during the busy deadline season, when you might need to pull back a bit.

You might just find that you can socialise a little while you work, as you’ll meet more people who will all pull together during shifts to get the work done.