Here’s which Sex Education character you would be depending on your UoN hall

Sorry to those of you from Rutland

Season four of Sex Education has recently been released, concluding the show with a bitter-sweet but satisfying ending. We’ve gone on a journey with these characters and watched their personalities shape and transform. 

We’ve watched Otis grow in confidence, Maeve pursue her academic dreams and Jackson begin to overcome his anxiety. Every character is beautifully written, each coming with their own set of defining personality traits that allow them to be the character they are at the show’s conclusion. 

Now that it’s all over, we thought it would be a good idea to see how their personality traits would map onto those of UoN halls. Each hall has a distinct personality composed of its own unique traits and features. Cripps is notoriously “rah”, Nightingale sporty, Broadgate fun. So without further ado, this is what Sex Education character you are depending on your hall.

Rutland Hall – Otis Milburn

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Rutland is generally unassuming – no one really knows what goes on in there but the people seem friendly and there’s not much drama. It’s located in the West Zone of campus, just a short walk up the downs to central campus so it’s in a good location to get to places around the uni while still being out-of-the-way. With Otis’ introverted personality, Rutland perfectly embodies him. He’s people-orientated but at the same time likes to have his own space.

Hugh Stewart Hall – Maeve Wiley

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Hugh Stewart has been closed for renovations since 2022, but this only adds to the mysterious, dark academia atmosphere it exudes. I could already see Maeve writing her poetry in the sloped garden, gaining inspiration from the gothic architecture and sprawling greenery all around. Its close proximity to Hallward library would be perfect for Maeve’s intellectual and hard-working personality, and its secluded nature would also give her the ideal respite from the eventfulness of university life. 

Broadgate Park – Eric Effiong

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Known for his eccentric and lively character, Eric suits Broadgate Park perfectly. Broadgate Park is one of the biggest halls with over 2000 students living there, and its diverse and social atmosphere embodies Eric’s personality. With the constant flat parties and community atmosphere, how could any hall be more perfect for him?

Cripps Hall – Aimee Gibbs

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Cripps has a reputation for attracting posh students, which suits Aimee since she’s extremely rich. However, Cripps is also known for being one of the most friendly and social halls. Everyone there seems really nice and there’s always something going on. I’m sure Aimee would appreciate the beautiful architecture and the huge rooms too. 

Nightingale Hall – Jackson Marchetti

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Jackson is Nightingale. Not to be biased, but Nightingale is reputed to be the best hall on campus – and can’t we all agree that Jackson is the best character in the show? Nightingale has big rooms, three quarter beds, a beautiful building and is right by David Ross Sports Village. It’s also the smallest hall on campus with only 157 rooms, which allows a nice community feel where everyone knows each other. This is somewhere that Jackson would thrive, what with his role as Head boy in the earlier seasons. 

Derby Hall – Jean Milburn

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Derby Hall’s defining feature is its post room. All the packages of students living on on-campus accommodation are delivered here, making it an essential part of university life. The lively but professional nature of people in Derby Hall mirrors Jean’s nature as a charismatic and accessible therapist. Much like her, Derby is highly inclusive and has a reputation for being supportive and friendly, what with its infamous bar Echo and its huge courtyard, it is perfect for just simply talking to people.

Florence Boot Hall – Ruby Matthews

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I would argue that Florence Boot is the most beautiful hall on campus. It overlooks the lake, is surrounded by nature and the architecture is very pretty and Victorian-esque. What’s more is that it’s quite small and cliquey, emblematic of Ruby and her air of exclusivity.

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