Your official guide to the seven types of neighbours you’ll find in Lenton

Have you figured out which ones you live next to yet?

In your time at Notts, your neighbours vary depending on where you live, whether it’s in the city or out in the sticks in Beeston. However, Lenton is a hot spot for student housing and boasts a whole variety of interesting people, ranging from your typical sleepy students to those who you’d wish would turn the music down once it gets past 4am.

As everyone has moved in and Freshers’ is officially over, it’s time to figure out if it was the back-to-uni craze that meant you could hear D&B through the walls at 4am or if this is your reality for the rest of the year. To help you on your way, here is the complete guide of the seven types of neighbours you’ll find in Lenton:

1. The NPCs

These are the non-playable characters you’ll find in Lenton – background characters if you will. The house seems empty, and you’re never sure if it is or if it’s just a very quiet house. Occasionally you see the blinds move or that the bins have been put out but the people who live there are like ghosts and honestly… maybe they are. This never phases you though because sometimes it’s nice to have no fuss and no complaints.

2. The ones at your house more than you

These are the ones who walk in the door without knocking. Sometimes you’ll come downstairs and they will be in your kitchen, eating your food and you didn’t even know they were here. Not that anyone is complaining because you love them and they hold a special place in all of our hearts. Sometimes you just can’t help but think it might be easier for everyone if they just moved in.

3. The bachelor pad

This house comes in two types: The football boys and the rugby boys. Both are equally terrifying. LYNX Africa radiates from the walls and the windowsills are decorated with empty bottles of Budweiser. By the end of the year the mould in the shower will be a health hazard and the likelihood of their deposit being returned is almost zero. If these are your neighbours, my condolences because this also has a tendency to be the loud house that will keep you up all hours of the night with FIFA, house parties and their weird welcome drinks.

4. The rah girls

You know the drill, Fiat 500s are paired with North Face puffer coats to formulate this house. They’re always lovely but there will be a stream of Deliveroo drivers and maybe the occasional cleaner to help out because they’re simply too busy with their hockey or lacrosse. Just don’t get on their bad sides because they will get even.

5. The dirty ones

You’ll smell this house before you see it. The overflowing bins and food waste just seem to be surrounding both your houses and they probably sneak stuff in your bin occasionally. If you hear the horror stories of maggots appearing from people’s bins it will be these neighbours that have them and there is very little you can do about it. Just make sure it doesn’t happen to your bins too…

6. The fifth year med students

From not fault of their own, med students are always being stared at because we never know how they manage to keep going. They will go through phases of leaving the house at 5am to get to placements and going straight to bed and then occasionally will have to ask for the music to be turned down, despite them wanting to actually join the party. Sometimes they will be the ones clubbing for a week straight. But all in all, they’re really not too bad.

7. The actual family

There’s really not much to be said about this house, there aren’t many of them but be nice and they will be too. They’re just trying to live their best lives like you, be respectful. Do the right thing, warn them when it’s your turn to host pres.

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