University of Nottingham student says she was ‘given no support’ after being spiked

Pavni Kakkar received an email from the university about the incident addressed to someone else

A third year law student at the University of Nottingham said she received no support from the university after she was spiked on a night out.

Pavni Kakkar, who is from Surrey, was told by her doctor that she had been spiked whilst clubbing in October 2021.

The incident occurred during a reported needle spiking wave that occurred across Nottingham and the UK in October 2021. Multiple students reported being spiked by needles during this period.

Speaking to Nottinghamshire Live, Pavni said: “My tutor was really nice about it and reached out to them for me, asking if they could set up a support plan or counselling but they didn’t get back to me after that.

“I felt, not alone, but I thought they just treated everyone like numbers. I just didn’t think they were interested in supporting after that at all.

“I was already suffering from anxiety and depression and I think that got heightened a lot more after that.”

Pavni shared that she was only contacted by the university after  she appeared on the television show 24 Hours in A&E, however the email was addressed to another student who was also on the episode.

“They had obviously copy and pasted that from someone else’s email, which I thought was rude”, she said.

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A spokesperson for the University of Nottingham said: “We take the safety of all our students extremely seriously and we are very sorry to hear about Pavni’s distressing experience. While we cannot comment on individual cases, we endeavour to offer our students the best wellbeing support possible and welcome all feedback that allows us to enhance our services for the benefit of our community.”

A spokesperson from PRYZM Nottingham said: “We are the most regulated part of the hospitality sector; we work hard to create a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment so that all our guests can enjoy a fun night out and we do everything we can to protect this right. While incidents of spiking are incredibly rare, we take all reports of spiking very seriously.”

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