Fight Night February 2020: Meet the fighters


Fight Night is next week and it’s time to meet the fighters

It’s going to be a big one

NURFC suspension lifted after seven days

Most of you disagreed with the Union’s suspension

Nearly 70 per cent of you think the Union was WRONG to suspend the Rugby Club

Over 800 people voted

Poll: Should the Union have suspended the Rugby Club?

Are our views actually represented by the Union?

Stan Calvert Revisited

A roundup of the main events from this year’s Stan Calvert fixtures.

Streakers! And Rugby

Poly won the battle, not the war in this streaker infested derby.

Stan Calvert: Men’s Football

Newcastle snatched a late winner after being one down.

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Poly Women’s Football Thrash Poshies

Poly pick up some deserved points in the race for the Stan Calvert Cup.

Scores on the Doors: Weekend 16

Late arrivals, some quality finishes and relegation struggles: classic intramural football.

Raiders Run Riot

Stan Calvert takes first steps towards Newcastle Uni.

Scores on the Doors: 2013’s first

The first roundup of Semester Two’s intramural football and rugby from Saturday 2nd February.

Scores on the Doors: Final Week

A round up of the entertaining intramural Football and Rugby scores from last week.

Clash of the Titans

Posh vs. Poly Rugby fixture promises to be a cracker, as always.

The Naked Battle of NUBC

The guys and gals of Newcastle Uni Boat Club release rival naked calendars.

See Who’s Right, Lizard Fight

Forget milking, Jesmond’s students are already up to something else.