What to expect from a Wednesday Sports Night in Newcastle

People dressed in normal clothes are the odd ones out…


The infamous social Wednesdays are what Newcastle’s sporty students live for. Whether you’re celebrating or commiserating, it will be a messy night for sure. From the chaotic pres to the Soho sweat pit, Wednesday nights are the pinnacle of the week, and this is why:


Despite win or lose, the night will likely kick off in a Cavendish or Queen’s Terrace third year house (where for most freshers, their night out ends). Everyone’s dressed in whatever bizarre theme it is and piles into the living room to play various drinking games and basically annihilate the freshers. Whether it’s from snorkelling a bottle of wine or taping it to your hand, you’ll now be well on your way.


If you can bear the stench and survive the death trap stairs to the toilets, Flares with its year six disco/wedding playlist will keep the night at a high. Dancing on the platform and necking some VKs, the vibes are good… until Country Roads come on and a swarm of sweaty rugby boys take their shirts off and swing them around their heads???


After trying and failing to name drop to skip the queue of Soho or Tuptup, you’re in and it’s guaranteed to be insanely hot and busy filled with people dressed up as Smurfs, sperms, peas, and overgrown babies (football boys in nappies closely followed by a netball girl). Nonetheless, the chaotic vibes will make it a memorable night for sure…or maybe not, thanks to the trebs.

Post-club scran

If you’ve made it this far, you’ll likely make a B-line to the holy grail: Munchies. You’ll probably go for cheesy chips that will fall in the footwell of your taxi just as fast as your Uber rating.

Thursdays attendance = non-existent.

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