We asked Newcastle students where are the best places to have sex on campus

Anyone fancy a romp in the Phil Rob?

As a uni student, you may find yourself in multiple beds while pursuing a degree – we’ve all been there. With Newcastle only having one campus, however, it can be rather tempting to nip for a quickie in between lectures.

There are plenty of hotspots for sex around campus, especially if you’re keen on lowering your rice purity score and self-respect.

Doing the parents proud am I right x

‘Armstrong 1.18’

Oddly specific?

A stunning building nonetheless, who wouldn’t want to gloat about shagging in the Percy Quadrangle?

Adding this to the bucket list ASAP.

‘Disabled toilet in the Co-op’

Nothing says lovemaking like an encounter in the Co-op disabled loo. To be fair, it’s quite intense with the silly fresh running around not knowing which meal deal to buy and nobody knowing how to move out of the way, a stress reliever nearby is always helpful.

‘Henry Daysh first floor – loads of space in those toilets’

It seems that sex club toilets are overrated these days. Hopefully, these toilets get cleaned often, very often I hope. Those poor cleaners.

‘Law library in the final room downstairs’

I feel like having sex in the law library is illegal. Probably and definitely isn’t, just feels wrong. I’ll wait for the day when prospecting lawyers cover a case where students have had sex on campus and been caught. The CCTV may bring back some PTSD x

‘Philip Robinson study room 413’

Again, oddly specific. If you’re not speaking from experience you’re just a creep x

As a person who’s studied in that very room, I feel a bit betrayed. Also, the windows are not blacked out so god forbid the sights if anyone saw…they deserve compensation.

‘Seminar room 2.12 Henry Daysh’

The Henry Daysh strikes again, a popular choice it seems.

But in a seminar room, I have so many questions.

Did you do it on the chairs? The tables? The floor? Trying to imagine a comfortable position for this to take place efficiently and effectively.

‘The Prayer Room in the Phil Rob’

You belong in Sinners x

What happened to the phrase “God is always watching”?

‘Dental common room’

There’s a clear theme of hygiene here, first the toilets and now a dental common room. The key word there is “common room” implying multiple people – does anyone fancy an orgy?

I know the perfect place x

‘NOT the Philly Rob booths downstairs’

What is it with people getting the horn at the Phil Rob? Exam season is challenging, but not shag worthy x

The capital letters emphasise this was a personal yet regrettable experience. To be honest, they do look quite cosy.

‘Walton Library in the computer clusters’

This place is for you if you fancy a bit of parkour between the monitor and mouses. There’s a high chance this response also came from an aspiring doctor, the sex organs may be their forte x

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