Ten fashion tips for Jesmond newcomers this September

Ditch the nuptse

Jesmond. The place to be if you’re a second or third year at uni. However, there’s an ultimate pressure to scrub up and match its aesthetic appeal. If you’re torn on what to wear, here are a few tips to help spice up your wardrobe this September.

1. Charity shops are your best friends

I love high-street staples more than the next 20-year-old but I think you’ll find by solely relying on them to update your wardrobe, you’ll see a fair few clones wandering around Jes.

What’s more, you could save your bank account a hefty amount by browsing the perfectly curated “vintage” heaven and taking your inspiration straight to the charity shops.

Although most charity shops in the city centre may have you yearning for more, the ones on the coast are much better. Round up the girls and head to Tynemouth or Whitley Bay and save your wallet and save yourself an embarrassing twinning moment in Osbourne’s.

2. Scarfs are essential

It’s safe to say that if you’ve forgotten to pack your knitted scarf you’ll stick out like a sore thumb in Jesmond this winter.

If there’s anything the Jes girlies love it’s a garish scarf and I, for one, am completely here for it. However, I would suggest running to Primark or having a look for one on Vinted/Depop. The quality and vibe will be elevated, especially if you can use it to incorporate texture or a pop of colour into your outfit.

This Autumn/ Winter season I’d love to see more comically thin 90’s/ 2000’s scarves. Although you may feel a bit more chilly you’ll slay all the way down Osbourne Ave.

3. Leather jackets are a wardrobe staple

It may come as a shock to some Jesmond girls that coats exist other than North Face Nuptse. Vintage leather jackets are perfect for the autumn/winter season.

They are definitely more water resistant than your puffer and it is possible to layer a hoodie underneath your jacket (to keep your hair dry from the UK weather) without sweating buckets walking to your lecture.

Furthermore, quality leather jackets can be found at any charity shop/ kilo sale for at least 1/4 of the cost of your northy.

You’ll also get more wear out of a cute vintage jacket as they’re a perfect accompaniment to any “out, out” fit.

4. Docs/Uggs for wintery weather

Jesmond paths in the height of winter are hazardous, to say the least. It’s wise to invest in a pair of Doc Martins or Ugg Boots to save yourself a slip-up and wet bum.

The lugs on the bottom of both shoes will help you keep a grip on the slippy northeast pavements. On top of that, either shoe can easily elevate an outfit (especially if paired with leg warmers.) By the time you reach a 9 am uni lecture your feet feel slightly clammy, but at least they’ll be dry.

5. The elite leggings and tights combo

Sick of wearing joggers to every seminar?

Do jeans and a nice top feel a bit repetitive?

Spice things up by layering fleecy skin-tone leggings with patterned tights and a skirt. Make sure to put your personal twist on this staple. Pair with Ugg boots, leggings, ribbons and a knit for a softer vibe.

Alternatively, opt for some argyle print tights, Docs and a leather jacket for a darker feminine aesthetic.

7. Staple bags

No Jes girl fit is complete without some sort of tote bag. Whether it’s for carrying a laptop and books or shopping, a tote bag is a necessity. Add some character to your outfit by opting for a graphic design or keep it simple with a cord or linen tote.

If the wet British weather is a concern for you some tote bags do come with a built-in waterproof layer. However, if you’d like a more waterproof high-end bag Longchamp is the way to go.

If you’ve been at uni in Newcastle for longer than 9 months, I guarantee you’ve seen a hot girl with a small embroidered horse on her bag. Longchamp bags are one of the cheaper designer bags starting at £100.

They’re more than worth the price, I’ve been using long-champ bags for school since year 9 and they have never even slightly torn, no matter how much stuff I pack in—10/10 from me.

8. Vintage camis

Drinks at Osbournes? Cosy Joes? Pub Quiz? House party? Now you’re in Jesmond there will be many occasions that call for “jeans and a nice top”.

But you may catch yourself pondering the definition of “nice top'”- a common catalyst for the “I have nothing to wear” meltdown.

Vintage camis are the perfect blend of casual, dressy, cute and sexy. Whether you opt for beaded, lacy or silk you’re bound to turn heads. Low-waisted jeans also pair perfectly with the length of many vintage camis. Items like these are cheap and simple to source on any second-hand app or charity shop.

Search suggestions: ‘M&S cami’, ‘Jane Norman cami’, ‘Vintage cami’, ‘Y2k/90’s cami’

9. Waistcoats

Waistcoats are a timeless way to elevate any boring fit. Although it seems like a waistcoat would be hard to style it’s actually quite simple. If you’re still unsure I’ve left a few examples of ways to style different waistcoats.

  • Pinstripe waistcoat with pinstripe trousers.
  • Denim waistcoat with jeans/ denim skirt.
  • Black waistcoat over a white tee with skirt/ jeans.

I would recommend choosing a waistcoat that’s snug to your waist for the optimal fit.

10. Accessorising is your bestie

To not accessorise is a crime, always try to incorporate some sort of accessory into your outfit. Whether that be ribbons in your hair, a funky belt, sunglasses or jewellery. Get creative with it e.g. tie ribbons onto the straps of your top to spice things up. Lace chokers are also back with vengeance (especially ones with roses on) perfectly elevating any LBD (little black dress).

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