The six type of flatmates you’ll meet at Newcastle uni that scream red flag

I may or may not have been the club rat

If you happen to be living in halls in your first year of uni you’re in for a treat. However, spotting these red-flag flatmates ASAP may save you from a first-year flat horror story.

The rugby boy

The rugby boy may seem like an acceptable flatmate until your shared fridge is crammed full of meal prep. You will usually find him in the gym or dressing like a girl “for a laugh” on sports nights. The rugby boy is usually harmless apart from walking around the communal area with his top off, no one wants to see that babe.

The homeowner

This girl’s idea of uni prep is spending hours in B&M’s home and watching Mrs Hinch. You will usually find her organising her cleaning products (with labels) and shouting at you for having a pres. Although a flatmate that washes up sounds ideal, the homeowner will go above and beyond to try to make the flat live, laugh, and love. It’s safe to say this girl had unrealistic expectations about living in uni halls.

The club rat

This feral individual’s top priority is to go out every night of Freshers’ (then brag about it for the rest of the year.) You’ll usually find them asleep in the hallway or making some questionable food at 3am. The club rat usually calms down after a few weeks but will still manage to drink you under the table at any pres. If you happen to have a club rat in your flat make sure to have bread and water at the ready.

The “nice” guy

The self-proclaimed “nice guy” will lead you to believe that all the girls in his home town go crazy for him. You will usually find him talking about how he gets on better with girls only to find his ”girl best friends” are all ex-conquests. Don’t be fooled by his “knight in shining armour” facade this boy will seduce you into committing flatcest then continue to talk about how much of a slag you are for the rest of the year.

The mummy’s boy

This person might as well have a maid for a mother as it seems they’ve never picked up after themselves in their life. You’ll usually find them complaining about the bins and mess with no intention of taking them out or helping to clean the kitchen. And don’t expect them to take accountability for any noise, mess or stolen cutlery.

The buzzkill

It seems that this lovely individual mistook the ”uni experience” for a relaxing retreat. You’ll find them ruining pres and parties, complaining about noise and reading in their room. This person is clearly unaware of the library and thought students only went out on weekends. As tempting as it might be to ask them to join in you’ll usually end up carrying them home (that’s if they make it out of pres).

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