MediaCity is the most underrated place in Manchester

Let’s be honest, Fallowfield is a bit of a dump

A petition has been started to make Fallowfield safer for students

A University of Manchester student has begun a petition to send to Andy Burnham and Greater Manchester Police

UoM staff have announced an official strike

The strike is in protest of over 140 redundancies

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Forget the bucket hats for a moment


An ode to Turkiss

A rose amongst thorns

We asked Remainers why they want to stop Brexit

We said hi to the 48% at the Stop Brexit March in Manchester

The University of Manchester has censored the subtitle of a Holocaust survivor’s speech

It was entitled ‘You’re doing to the Palestinians what the Nazis did to me’

Advice from a seasoned student on how to get your first semester of uni right

Regrets, regrets everywhere

Here’s how you can grab yourselves a free Wagamama’s in Manchester

The free food continues past freshers week

Fallowfield third years refuse to stop house party despite garden shed being on fire

The police said it is suspected arson

Former University of Manchester student cleared of rape

The three year court case has concluded

There have been multiple student muggings in Fallowfield this week

Greater Manchester Police have issued a warning to new and returning students

University of Manchester student accused of raping friend

Joshua Lines is on trial at Manchester Crown Court

Gaff’s are now selling t-shirts to raise funds for the shop and Manchester Arena victims

Help Mr Gaff raise £60k

Tatler have released a guide to Manchester uni and it’s so tragic we can’t cope

So here’s your Tab-ler guide instead

Manchester has been ranked the 8th best uni in the UK

And 54th in the world

Antwerp now have actual toilet doors and we can’t handle it

Will the freshers be able to have a ~real~ Antwerp experience?

Middle-class students will never understand what it’s like to be working-class at university

We don’t have the privilege of the bank of Mum and Dad to rely on

Gaff’s has been replaced by a vegan pizzeria and we are losing our shit

In a world of such uncertainty this is a step too far

Manchester’s NSS boycott was so successful that we weren’t included in this year’s rankings

The National Student Survey was boycotted due to its links with rising tuition fees