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42’s bouncer sacked for saying student ‘too ugly to worry about getting raped’

The club has apologised ‘wholeheartedly’ for the bouncer’s remarks

One of the bouncers at 42's nightclub in Manchester has been sacked for telling a student she was "too fat and ugly to worry about getting raped."

19-year-old Char Bow was barred from going back into the club and had been worried about going home with her friends when a bouncer told her: "Nobody in their right mind would rape a fat girl" like her.

The club has since apologised for the bouncer's behaviour and sacked the bouncer who made the remarks.

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In a Facebook post, Char write: "Hello all in Manchester, tonight in 42nd Street Nightclub I was told I was ‘too fat and ugly’ to worry about being left to get a taxi on my own.

"Four male bouncers forbid me from going back inside when everyone else was allowed back in.

"I asked one of the bouncers to help me back inside so I could find my friends.

"All four male bouncers laughed at me saying I’d be ‘fine in a taxi’ and that ‘nobody in their right mind would rape a fat girl like me’.

"I am absolutely disgusted with the way I was treated tonight and encourage everyone to boycott 42s!"

In a statement posted to Facebook, a spokesperson for the club said: "We are aware of an incident that happened this weekend.

"Having investigated it, we have found that the behaviour of a member of staff fell well below the standard we expect and this person has been dismissed.

"We apologise wholeheartedly to anybody that has been adversely affected by this person's behaviour."

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