10 types of people you will meet in your first month at University of Liverpool

Some of them you will want to stay friends with until you graduate, others you might not…

Following a hectic couple of weeks getting settled, partying the night away and probably sleeping in until 3pm most days, it’s time that the semester gets back in full swing. Now that you’ve met your flatmates and sat with random people in seminars who you now consider a friend, I’m sure you will recognise someone you now know in this list of 10 people you will definitely encounter at Uni of Liverpool.

1. The authentic scouser

To be honest, when I first moved two years ago, it took me ages to actually encounter my first in-person scouse accent. But, alas, they do exist and you will probably have to ask them to repeat themselves a couple of times (if you are southern).

2. The one who has daddy’s bank details

This one will claim countless times they are broke, and will even scrounge off other people in a bid to make their lie believable. In reality, daddy is sending them an allowance of £250 a week, and they probably had their rent paid off before they even set foot in halls. Good for you – we’re just jealous.

3. The one who is in a long distance relationship

This is usually unfortunate for all parties involved (including the flatmates who may have to console them when they get broken up with via phone call). Their partner is probably at Nottingham Trent having a wild time whilst they avoid going out. Don’t fall into this trap; go out, make friends and have fun! Hopefully, they are faithful and you stay together!…

4. The one who committed flatcest (already)

Just not worth the awkwardness for the rest of the year, is it?

5. The one who came to uni, not university

These types of people go out every night of the week, without fail. Will never see a 9am lecture and don’t want to. Will stay in bed all day hungover, ready to go on another rager that night. It actually can be a bit concerning – maybe consider having a night in?

6. The gym lad

Typically wakes up at 5am, is in the gym by 6am, and is attending lectures all day until 5pm. The gym lad puts everyone else to shame as they will continue to have 100 per cent attendance throughout the year and will never have a hangover. What’s the secret?

7. That one person you see everywhere

This may be a random girl you spoke to on the first night, someone you’ve slept with in freshers or just someone in your building who just so happens to always be in the lift at the same time as you. You may talk, you may not, but it is a guarantee you will see them every time you are in the club, in Lidl or on campus.

8. The one who doesn’t attend but still gets firsts

No one understands how they do it, but they do. No readings have ever been completed. Their attendance is only good because of people sending the code into the group chat, yet they continue to get better grades than you in every assignment. How?

9. The one who will never touch the hob (for good reason)

Everyone has a mate that they have never seen cook, or if they have, it was a traumatic experience for everyone involved, so it is for the best that they order Deliveroo for every meal. I don’t know how they can afford it but at least they can’t set the flat on fire or give themselves food poisoning!

10. The one who cleans once a month and thinks they deserve a medal

Day to day, they leave their plates and dirty pans piled up in the sink, leave food on the counters and will not take out the bins. But one magical day, they will spray down the surfaces and text the flat group chat to let you all know the kitchen was cleaned by them and needs to stay that way until pre-drinks on Saturday night.

If you haven’t encountered one of these 10 people by now, then we’ve got some bad news – you’re definitely one of them. Just please, please, don’t be the one that commits flatcest.

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