Your typical Instagram vibe based off your first year University of Liverpool halls

Prepare to be offended…

Heading to uni is the best time to ‘reinvent’ yourself, goodbye to skinny jeans from River Island, hello to Urban Outfitters cargos. What better way to show your new vibey lifestyle than through your Instagram posts. Now that we’re well into the spring term, the freshers have well and truly immersed themselves into uni life and picked up the various aesthetics from their chosen halls of residence.

After careful consideration, we have compiled a list of what your Insta vibe is based on which University of Liverpool halls you live in or perhaps used to live in for the second and third years who can’t quite shake the past.


Of course we’re starting with the most basic Instagram of them all, but also the best accom (definitely not biased). Not only are these instas drowning in photo dumps set with the obligatory ‘fun’ last picture, captioned ‘life recently’, there’s also the never ending disposable and digital camera pics too. Ah to romanticise uni as a fresher with absolutely 0 responsibilities. Oh, and we do see you managing and organising your story highlights too, with the Lpool highlight consisting of many selfies and 0.5x pics with the bright walls and 699 bus stop as your background. We get it, you live in Greenbank.

Crown place

Not to be stereotypical here, but we get it, you took a ‘gap yah’ and found the real you in South East Asia or in some hostel in Europe whilst inter-railing. I mean, they make quite good Instagram accounts to stalk as there is a bit more authenticity involved. This feed is also definitely devoted to making Insta casual– but we all know thought has gone behind your posts as well as your Insta stories featuring you and your mates with sunglasses on at Baa Ba’s. Just make a private Insta and call it a day.



Vine court

This is a tricky one- these are the edgy and unintentionally, probably cooler looking feeds. Flash is obviously avoided as it adds to that mysterious and authentic look they aim for. They’re different. Maybe a few blurry posts from The Raz and archived posts are also sprinkled in there for effect too. 

Melville Grove

Probably the most humble and real accounts. Maybe a few pictures planted in there from Halloween, a flat Christmas dinner or a pretty picture by the Albert Dock; they are the ones who are actually low key and not obnoxiously forcing that quiet life. Fair play to them. We love you for that.


Do you even post? I didn’t think so either.