These are Liverpool’s maddest Insta stories from this year

Getting lit, doing bits and finding shits

It's been quite a year for students in Liverpool. We've faced academic sanctions, casual racism and even shootings and stabbings on Smithdown Road.

However, nothing quite tops the weird and wonderful pics and vids you send in to The Liverpool Tab Insta. There have been some highs, a lot of lows, but overall there's been some quality content.

So, as this year comes to an end, feast your eyes on the best (and worst) of what our Insta has had to offer since September.

Someone did a poo on the floor in Heebies

This was just nasty! Check our Insta story highlights for the full vids.

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A bouncer in Level got a bit too hands-on

Safe to say he won't be getting his job back.

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Someone streaked at Varsity

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear nothing at all!

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We collectively adopted a pet mouse in the SJ

This is the blurriest pic ever but it's a testament to how speedy this lil' guy was.

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Someone's room got trashed at Greenbank

Pretty sure there are better ways to bond with your flatmates.

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Fire alarm after fire alarm after fire alarm

A moment of silence for all those third years.

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A library light smashed someone's laptop

Wold you expect anything else from the SJ though?

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An entire halls kitchen got wrapped in tin foil

When your dinner plans are foiled…

Moving in to find someone's pants and poo in the sink

Kind of a shitty situation to be in.

You never fail to disappoint us Liverpool. Whether you hit Concert Square, Baltic Weekender or get smashed in the Brookie this weekend, remember to raise a glass to the mad year we all just had.

Here's to the next!

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