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Someone did a big smelly poo on the floor in Heebies last night

The incident happened last night in the girls’ toilets

Last night, somebody took a poo on the floor in the girl's toilets in Heebie Jeebies – supposedly she couldn't wait for a cubicle to become free.

It is thought that the incident happened at around 1am in the morning, relatively early in the night. If for some reason you want to see a boomerang of the poo, you can see the full video on The Liverpool Tab's Instagram story highlights.

Thursday nights are always a busy night for the club as it hosts its infamous "Dirty Antics" student night. Last night saw some particularly dirty antics unfold in the toilets.

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Emily, a second year student who was at Heebies last night, told The Liverpool Tab: "I didn't see it happen, but I came into the toilets and saw shite smeared all over the floor nowhere near the bog like."

Sian, another second year student simply said: "I just saw a pile of shite and it was disgustang".

The Liverpool Tab have contacted Heebies for comment, but so far they have not provided us with one.

The Liverpool Tab will keep you updated as this story develops.