Here are the five types of students you’ll meet during Lincoln Freshers’ Week

Unfortunately you’re more likely to meet these uni stereotypes rather than your best friends Freshers’ Week


Freshers’ Week at any university comes with its own cast of quirky characters and shenanigans that are sure to make your first few weeks eventful. In the sitcom that we call Lincoln, you’re guaranteed to run into a number of people who you never thought would fit a stereotype so well.

The ‘bestie’

There is always one person you meet at the first party or outside accommodation when you first move in that you just click with. You are inseparable from the minute you meet. You go to every fayre, freshers night out, and welcome lecture together just to wake up and choose to get coffee together. All this time together, all this shared bonding, it couldn’t be anything except the beginning of a friendship that is sure to last a lifetime … right?

That’s until a week later, they stop texting as much and you meet up a lot less. lectures are in full swing and you’re spending more time with coursemates, so your fresher’s best friend turns into someone you’ll maybe wave at when you bump into them in Minerva.

The one whose life is the party

We all did the research before coming to Lincoln and were here for a reason. Maybe because they hire that one lecturer that makes your course special, or that Lincoln is the perfect small city campus for walking.  Not this student. Their research before uni included the walk from Trebels to Superbull and which society membership comes with the best drink discounts. Their schedule for Freshers’ week is to wake up at four pm, ready to pre at six, bars at 10, clubs at 11, and home in bed just in time to miss their nine am lecture. For the life of the party, their university highlight starts and ends with freshers, so they’ll be making the most of it.

The “remember we’ve still got lectures this week”

This is the fact we all know is true but choose to forget for the first week of uni. All except for the student who is eager to get their studies started. They worked too damn hard to not go to every lecture and do all the reading on the first week. They might be your flatmate who asks you to turn down the music at the first pre’s you host cos they’re a day behind on their reading. Or they’ll say no to having a drink at the Swan because they don’t want to have ‘too much fun’ and get distracted from any first-week coursework.

In a last attempt to reach out and get them to do something on Freshers’ Week,  you’ll give them an invite to Superbull on Friday thinking they surely can’t say no this time. Their reply? “Sorry can’t tonight, I have to be up at nine so i can get all my reading done before lectures start”.

The society obsessed

It’s always good to make the most of your time at university by joining whatever societies you can, but this person always takes it a little bit too far. They’ve done the research, maybe even gone as far as to pick Lincoln as their first choice because of all the sports options and show you the colour-coded list of teams they want to join at the freshers fayre on Monday. Their first in line at the society fair on Tuesday, and first on the list for all the tasters and trial sessions. As eager as they are, their enthusiasm comes to bite them in the back by Thursday when they’re trying to figure out how to be in three places at once on Friday night because they’ve got the Rugby taster at five, tennis at six, and then a night out with I’m Bored, the Lacrosse team, and the 20 Minute society all starting at nine.

Maybe once the horrendous three-society hangover settles in on Saturday night, they might just have enough time to reflect on their poor time management skills with the Christian Union on Sunday morning. Better pray there’s a way to be in 15 places at once.

The one you never see

You’re excited to meet all your new flatmates when you first move in, you’ve got the chat set up and everyone messages when they’re moving in. You’ll get the smiley message “I’m so excited to meet you all!” Little do you know this is the last you will ever hear from your mystery flatmate. There is some evidence they exist. Food suddenly disappears from the fridge, washing up piles in the sink, and you occasionally feel a quick breeze brush by and hear a door slam as they scamper from one room to the other.

You’ll come up with a multitude of theories as to why your pal has gone MIA. They’re out clubbing every night, just not with you, so they sleep all day. Or they are so invested in their course that they never leave the library, and just never choose the same floor as you. After all your guesses you realise there’s only one possible explanation for their behaviour: you’re living with a ghost.

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