Cultural appropriation isn’t just stupid – it’s dangerous

Now hear me out

It’s time to start talking about the dark side of hookup culture

If only it was always fun and games

Sorry, but tracksuits and hoop earrings are not cultural appropriation

This is getting ridiculous now

Look, I thought we were done hating Taylor Swift and yet here we are again

Give the girl a break

Let’s be honest, Cersei Lannister is the only one who belongs on the Iron Throne

Bow down to the Mother of Lions

I’ve had enough of GoT’s bullshit, it’s time to resurrect Robb Stark now please

He was the only one worthy of the Iron Throne anyway

Stop using memorials to get a few likes on Instagram

I guess narcissism now trumps respect for the dead if it’s one for the gram

I’m sorry, but I do not see an issue with romanticising mental health issues on TV

It’s a TV show, get over it

Sorry, but I just don’t get everyone’s obsession with Camilla from Love Island

She’s not a ‘national treasure’

Anne Morris may have every right to say ‘the n-word’, but that doesn’t mean she should have

This isn’t ‘political correctness gone mad’, this is racism

It’s okay to dislike Lena Dunham for what she says, but it’s not okay to attack her looks because of it

It’s time to stop reducing women to nothing more than their appearance

Sorry, but I just don’t get Glastonbury

Even Jezza Corbyn couldn’t save it this year

Sorry, but I just don’t get why everyone is so obsessed with Love Island

I’ve had enough

The morality of gay sex shouldn’t have been the central LGBT issue of the past election, but sadly that was all we got

Equality. Ha, I wish

Another day, another article romanticising anxiety that we really don’t need

Mental health isn’t romantic, it sucks

Corbyn’s pledge to scrap tuition fees isn’t heroic, it’s idiotic

It’s nothing more than a desperate plea for votes

All the reasons Space is the only place you want to be on a Friday night

It is both the best and the worst night out in Leeds

It’s time we all realised that Sharpay Evans is the true victim of High School Musical

She was the only talented one in the whole film