Here’s how to spot the students from each of Leeds’ universities

Don’t worry – no stereotype will be left unjudged


While students from other UK universities might see us all as a slightly edgy, homogenous collective, we know this couldn’t be further from the truth, and to confuse a uni of student for a Beckett one is a serious offence.

Before you make any fatal errors mixing anyone up, let us be your Janis Ian and break down the different cliques of students you’ll find here.

1. Uni of

The Uni of Leeds student is certainly a classy figure. The guys have got their high collar, zip-up fleeces and Tommy Hilfiger merch; the girlies have got their classic cargo pants, overcharged Depop tops and gold chunky charity shop jewellery. A uni of student’s preferred bag for a night out at Beaverworks or Warehouse is a fanny pack and everyone – and I mean everyone – has a North Face jacket.

2. Beckett

Beckett students are usually ridiculed for being rejected uni of applicants, but they have their own individual style. Beckett boys like to flex their customised gym team hoodies, and the ladies love the simple black leggings sleeveless gilet combo along with a sleek high ponytail or bun. You can often find these lot in Pryzm – or worse, Space.

3. Arts

To someone who didn’t have an aggressive emo phase growing up where they exclusively listened to Twenty One Pilots and Fall Out Boy, the students of Leeds Arts may appear like elusive individuals. However, simply keep an eye out for long, floral grandma skirts, rose quartz crystal necklaces and those iconic Doc Martens. For bonus points, see if they have an exclusive Key Club tote bag or a Wharf Chambers lifetime membership card.

4. Conservatoire

Leeds Conservatoire kids are rare, but when you do spot them out in the wild, they tend to come in packs, and that’s because they’re all in some sort of band. You can be sure to find these scraggly haired teenage dirtbags at Hyde Park Book Club gigs or Indie Thursdays, wearing scuffed up vans, painted fingernails and double denim – very 70s vibes.

5. Trinity

Trinity students typically don’t pop up on your radar that much, but if they do, you’ll find them in millennial skinny jeans, ballet pumps and a striped top, frequenting cafés downtown like proper mature students. Big green parka coats and spotted blouses are also common.

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