Listen up freshers: Here are six Leeds spots for that hungover reconnection with nature

It’s giving Peak District

At some point during Freshers’ Week there’s a good chance you’ll be feeling ROUGH. So, after a night (or several) out on the town, we wanted to give you a rundown of the best places to have a wholesome – and much needed – hungover reconnection with nature. Leeds is home to several beautiful parks and gardens, many of which are located on, or nearby, the various university campuses, and therefore easily accessible on foot – just make sure you wrap up as the northern weather is temperamental at the best of times!

Firstly, a few Leeds Uni campus spots:

1. St George’s Field

Located between Cemetery Road and University Road, St George’s Field is a great place to relax and unwind. The field is just behind Henry Price accommodation, right at the heart of campus – close enough to make it even in your PJs! This is the perfect spot to take yourself to – it’s smaller and quieter than Hyde Park but still offers peaceful surroundings for you and your friends when you’re slightly hanging.

2. Woodhouse Moor (aka Hyde Park)

Hyde Park is always busy with students

Impossible to not include, Woodhouse Moor, known by most as Hyde Park, is situated a five minute walk away from campus and is a staple among students from across Leeds. This green space is great to walk around during the day for a breath of fresh air when you’re not feeling your best. Surrounding the park are several food and café spots, so you can grab a toastie at Chichini or a coffee from Coffee on The Crescent to take with you on your stroll.

And some little further afield:

3. Leeds Dock

Leeds Dock

Who knows what’s in the water, but we all agree that being next to it somehow makes you feel better. Leeds Dock is no exception; to get there take the number six or eight bus from campus to Leeds bus station and then walk fifteen minutes, following signs (or Google Maps) for the docks.

Right next to the city centre, the docks offer something a bit different, and there’s always lots to see and do. Why not check out the book shop on a boat or try a coffee from the team at North Star? If you fancy taking the hair of the dog route, there’s also The Canary and Fearns nearby.

4. Woodhouse Ridge

Located right behind James Baillie accommodation, Woodhouse Ridge runs for just over a mile between Meanwood Road and Grove Lane. The long strip of woodland provides lots of winding footpaths and leafy shade – perfect for soothing any aching heads.

The ridge also leads into several other trails, whilst the very popular Meanwood Valley Farm is just five minutes away. You often see horses when walking here too, so for a second, you can forget you are in the city at all.

For areas closer to Headingley and Leeds Beckett:

5. Beckett Park

Beckett Park at its best <3

For University of Leeds students, get the number six or number eight bus from campus and take a short walk, and you will soon arrive at one of the largest inner-city public parks in Leeds. Located between the suburbs of Headingley and Kirkstall, Beckett Park is a lovely green area with an outdoor gym and plenty of open space, and backs on to the Leeds Beckett University Headingley campus. In the woodlands near the park and the university buildings, look out for Victoria Arch, an impressive historical gem dating back to the 1800s!

6. Kirkstall Abbey

On the theme of the past, Kirkstall Abbey is another one of Leeds’ most interesting and historic sites. It may be a bit of a trek but, surrounded by beautiful grounds and a river, it’s definitely worth it. Perfect for a hungover stroll, take the 56 bus towards Moor Grange – after you hop off, there’s a short walk and you’ve made it.

If you’ve got your own suggestions of green spaces to check out in Leeds, be sure to let us know. You can find us on Instagram (@thetab_leeds).

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