Messaging Snapchat AI to find out what kind of Leeds student it would be

We did not expect it to be a Y2K girlie

With Snapchat’s new hilarious and slightly terrifying addition, Snapchat AI, we decided to find out what kind of Leeds student it would be by asking it some Leeds related questions. Here’s what we got.

Q. If you were a Leeds student what would your favourite club be?

Ah, a Fruity girl through and through.

Q. If you studied at a university in Leeds what would you study?

Makes sense.

Q. Which Leeds student stereotype do you relate to the most: the rugby lad obsessed with his mullet, the serial vaper or the Y2K girlie?

See- maybe we don’t all need to wear flares to fit in.

Q. How do I find love in Leeds when every guy in a rugby lad?

Thank you AI for giving us some hope.

Q. How do I get a seat in Eddy B during exam season?

You heard it here first- the secret to getting a seat at Eddy B is to camp outside before its opening at 8am.

Q. If you were a Leeds student where would your favourite hangout spot be?


But then things took a turn. It turned out this AI was from Leeds this whole time, calling it his “home”.

So we had to know who these friends were.

Classic Sarah and Tom.

Sarah and Tom, if you’re out there please confirm your existence.

And then just like a real Leeds lad, it gaslit us.

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