More than a quarter of Leeds students say they are addicted to their Elf Bar

A quarter of students buy at least two Elf Bars a week

An investigation by The Leeds Tab has found that 28% of Leeds students have admitted they are addicted to their Elf bar.

Our survey of more than 600 Leeds students found the majority of students said they used an Elf Bar last term.

Of those students, 52 per cent said they had never smoked cigarettes beforehand.

Elf Bars are the joint-strongest disposable vape you can buy in the UK, meeting the legal limit of 20mg/ml of high-strength nicotine salts e-liquid. Each bar contains the nicotine dosage of 48 cigarettes

However, most students said they only use Elf Bars in “social settings” as opposed to using them habitually.

Popular Hyde Park corner shop, BnM Mobile & Vape on Brudenell Road said the most popular flavour they sell is Watermelon, followed closely by Apple Peach and Blue Razz Lemonade.


Our study also found a big distinction between casual users and regular users. Six out of ten students (62 per cent) buy an Elf Bar less than once a week, but equally a quarter buy at least two Elf Bars per week.

Out of the 23 universities that participated, Leeds ranked 11th for the percentage of students who admitted they were addicted to their Elf Bars. This is compared to the likes of Bristol students, where 29% said they were addicted and Manchester (33%).


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