At least 28 modules across Lancaster University were affected by the marking boycott

Students in LEC, Physics, and Chemistry departments were the most impacted


In a survey on The Lancaster Tab Instagram, it was revealed that at least 28 modules have been affected by the LUCU Marking and Assessment Boycott.

Students responding to the survey, which was initiated yesterday amidst the university results day, confirmed that many of their exams and courseworks have not been marked as a result of the MAB.

Lancaster University is still yet to provide an exact timeframe of when students can expect to receive grades for these assessments, despite initial claims that they would receive them back by results day.

It has so far been confirmed that assessments from the following modules have not been marked: LING221, LING222, LING211, LING204, CREW203, CRIM211, CRIM340, PSYC203, PSYC204, BIOL211, LEC 202, LEC226, LEC282, SCC120, PHYS 313, PHYS105, PHYS 115, PHYS311, PHYS364, PHYS 355, PHYS 389, MATH245, CHEM301, CHEM351, CHEM321, CHEM324, HIST 286, HIST 299.

Whilst some of these modules have not been marked in their entirety, some have been split: meaning some students have received grades back for their work, but other students from the same module have not.

When asked how they feel about their work not being marked, students expressed upset at their hard work not counting towards their grades.

One student said: “It’s a bit of a mess and there was a lot of confusion so it’s all been very badly communicated by the staff members striking”. They continued, “I think it’s so unfair to students because we’ve worked so hard to get work in on time and do our exams for them to not even be marked yet. And we don’t even know when they will be marked either”, and stated that in one instance, due to the MAB, the entire “makeup” of an assessment was changed, which they believe to be “absolutely ridiculous”. They finished, “I understand why staff are striking but it feels like the strikes are just affecting the students not the people it’s supposed to be affecting. We are paying 9 grand a year for work to not even be marked it’s just very frustrating”.

Another student expressed similar sentiment, stating: “It’s been pretty rubbish, as it feels like we put so much effort into doing the exams and felt stress in the lead up to results day, so to not get the results is so frustrating, and it’s still not even clear if they will be marked, or when that will be. I understand the strikes and boycotts and fully support UCU’s claims, however when it is inadvertently effecting students in such a negative way, it’s not fair”.

Lancaster University has provided guidance on its website for students unsure how to proceed with unmarked, and has confirmed that the MAB will not affect any student’s progression.

Lancaster UCU has been approached for comment.

Featured image via  Lancaster UCU Twitter.

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