Everywhere in Lancs you can get pancakes this Pancake Day

Go and have pancakes for every meal of the day x

The best day of the year is here: Tuesday 21st February is Pancake Day! With all of its cafes and restaurants, it can be hard to know the best places to go for satisfying your pancake needs, so here is your guide to the best pancake spots in Lancs. If you don’t fancy flipping your own this year, or just want to eat 7 pancakes in a row (because if you can’t on Pancake Day, when can you?!), Lancaster has all you need.

Here is your definitive guide to pancakes, with options both on and off campus.

The Water Witch

For pancakes with a view, the Water Witch has a pancake day menu which is sure to suit anyone’s favourite toppings, from classic lemon and sugar to pancakes topped with berries. Or, get something even jazzier with double chocolate, if you’re more of a sweet tooth. Why not grab a few friends and have some pancakes by the canal?

Via @waterwitchlancaster on Instagram. 


For pancakes with a side of cute vibes, head to the Herbarium in Dalton Square. Plant-based and delicious, the herb is selling gorgeous pancakes that look great on any Instagram story. If you’re vegan, or just fancy something different, you can grab a stack of pancakes coated in biscoff and banana with a side of ice cream. Fancy something savoury? Go for some slow-cooked mushrooms in a cheese sauce topped with herbs.

Outside the Engineering Building

Don’t fancy going into town? Head to Engineering – if you don’t mind waiting outside in the cold (but trust me, they’re worth it), you can get some crispy crepes from The Pancake Man filled with chocolate. Or if you don’t fancy that, try one of the savoury options instead – he has it all.


If you’re on a budget but still need to get your pancake fix, the Chaplaincy is giving away free pancakes from 5pm to 7pm this Shrove Tuesday. No need to register but be quick, as the Chaplaincy has stated “when they’re gone, they’re gone…”. Free pancakes? Yes please.

The Deli

Got a busy day of lectures but still want to make time for some pancakes? The Deli is conveniently located on the south spine, and you can get two American-style, fluffy pancakes with an array of delicious toppings. Stop by and get some Nutella-topped, ice cream-covered pancakes to put you in a good mood before your next, less fun and delicious, lecture.

Bob & Berts

Lancaster is known for its brunch places, and where better to go for a mid-morning pancake than Bob & Berts? They’ve even got new pancakes launching for the big day itself, so check out their Instagram for their special pancake menu on the 21st.


Many colleges on campus are offering free pancakes, with vegan alternatives, to those who sign up. Graduate College is even offering the chance to make your own pancakes. But if that sounds like too much work, head to the colleges webpage to sign up and grab some pancakes for a between-lecture snack.

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