King’s mitigating circumstances processes need improvement

Students feel MCFs don’t “take into account the whole spectrum of what students are going through” during the pandemic

Cancelling year abroads is a tragedy

The opportunities that studying abroad offers shape who you are during and after university

It’s about time we realise King’s has a racism problem

A racist post on a King’s student’s Instagram leaves the community outraged.

In this fight for Black Lives Matter, I have never been more proud to be black

Strength and resilience are the greatest elements of the black community

Why I campaigned to swap beef for vegan food at LSE

Producing a single beef burger requires as much as 3,000 litres of water

I asked people on the Strand pickets for their coolest UCU Strike anecdotes

There are DOGS on the picket line, people! This is not a drill!

Private school’s attack on university class discrimination is laughable

Apparently, the plans would ‘rob some students of a future to award it to others’

Michael Gove’s Stormzy tweet is embarrassing and problematic

Tweeting ‘I set trends dem man copy’ is more than just cringey

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