King’s College London to implement new mandatory uniform next academic year

This will make KCL the first UK university to have a uniform

Leaked images reveal plans from Shitij Kapur, president of King’s College London, to introduce a mandatory uniform to be worn by all students from the beginning of the 2023/24 academic year.

KCL will be the first university in the UK to implement this change with Kapur hoping it will cause many more to follow suit.

According to a university insider, this innovative change is to be introduced with the intention of distinguishing KCL students from other students at university in London. This comes after various complaints were made directly to the university regarding its students, though it came to light that these complaints were made about UCL students who were mistaken to be a part of King’s.

Photos of the uniform were obtained exclusively by The King’s Tab from a source code in the university website.

The photos reveal a drafted design for the King’s College uniform, including a signature KCL red blazer with the iconic “K” logo embroidered on the left chest. A pair of grey trousers, and a checkered tie to complete the uniform.

It will come as no surprise to King’s students that UCL has already decided to copy King’s decision and has begun designing its own uniform, as an anonymous source from UCL tells The King’s Tab.

The KCL insider told The King’s Tab: “Ever since Kapur became president in 2021, he’s been focused on introducing some kind of uniform. It’s been a plan for years.” They added, “The president thought that a uniform was the best way to allow students to embrace their identity of being a King’s student.”

April Sunderland, a first year maths student at KCL told The King’s Tab: “I don’t understand why they want to put us into the ugliest clothes possible. I thought university was all about expression and discovery and things like that. When I’m on campus it feels like I’m in the middle of a fashion show, and now they want to put us in hideous uniforms like we’re in secondary school again. Disgraceful.”

The idea wasn’t met entirely negatively though as third year war studies student, John Doherty, defended the idea saying: “uniform would make everyone feel included. And wouldn’t it also mean we get a non-uniform day?”

If you read this far, check the date. Happy April Fools Day!

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