I rated all the food spot on campus so you don’t have to be disappointed at lunch anymore

A guide to the best and most mediocre food on Glasgow Uni’s campus (warning, a lot is mediocre)


Did you forgot to make a packed lunch? Feel far too hungover this morning to stomach food? Ate your packed lunch when you got in last night? Do not fret, Glasgow Uni has a plethora of food options to combat even the most hungover, forgetful student, though none can promise a full cure. So, leave last night’s greasy pizza on the kitchen counter and walk to one of the uni’s food locations.

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The Treehouse in the James McCune Smith Building

This year, the JMS building boasts a new pizza place set upstairs in The Treehouse. Though last year it was a somewhat forgettable location, it has now become a new favourite lunch spot due to its fresh made-to-order pizzas and tranquil location. Being set up above the hustle and bustle of the JMS’s Hub Kitchen allows for a slightly more relaxing lunch experience, where you can peacefully ignore the multiple academic articles you need to read and citations you need to write. No need to worry about all that, just eat some pizza!

Though the cheapest pizza being £7 makes it quite an expensive lunch option, it is definitely a better purchase than the £12 pizza you buy after a night out, at least you’ll remember eating this one. The Treehouse café also has some small snack options, for those in a rush between lectures. Open from 8am until 5pm, but pizza making finishes at 4pm.

Hub Kitchen in the James McCune Smith Building

One of the best options on campus for getting your food fast on campus is JMS’s Hub Kitchen, even though eating here feels like you have been transported back in time to the pandemonium of your high school’s dining hall.

Serving a variety of dishes from around the world in their “World Cuisine” section and lighter lunches in the “Street Food” section, their menu differs greatly from day to day. However one downside of this is that you never know what to expect, you simply have to turn up hoping there is food that you like, making this a perfect lunch option for those thrill-seekers among us who like to live life on the edge. Nevertheless, if something doesn’t tickle your fancy there is a “Hub to Go” section, selling pre-packaged (and expensive) sandwiches and salads.

This section of the Hub is open until 7pm on weekdays, a perfect option for those who love studying so much they never want to leave the JMS! However, the Hub Kitchen closes at 5pm weekdays and isn’t open at the weekends.

One A the Square in the Main Building

One A The Square (it has traybakes)If you want to drink your iced lattes in a room with 18th-century vibes this is for you (the College was built in 1630, so close enough). Though they do not serve any made-to-order food, they have a variety of pre-made sandwiches and tempting sweet treats to keep you satisfied while catching up with missed lectures. Not to mention they serve Starbucks coffee. This is a great option for a quieter low-key lunch. Open from 9am until 4pm, Monday to Friday.

The Library Café

Located on Level 3 of the Library you’ll find the café, however, you’d be forgiven for it not even crossing your mind when considering where to go for lunch. It is just the JMS’s ‘Hub To Go’ section on a larger scale in a sadder building. Most people use it as a place to sit as they cannot find a space on any of the other 10 floors of the Library building, they’ll buy a cake or juice just as a means to find a seat.

However, food is food and if you’re doing a full-day shift of revising in the library it is a handy enough location. Buy a flat white and curl up with a copy of your favourite textbook, so aesthetic! The Café is open weekdays from 8am until 5pm (who are these nutters going to cafes at 8am? If that’s you, you’re a better student than most).

The Gilchrist Postgraduate Club in the Main Building

For the more refined (and stressed) among us, the Gilchrist Postgraduate Club is the perfect place for exhausted Postgrad students and alumni to sit, unwind and drink coffee. The SRC Website states that the Gilchrist Postgraduate Club is the perfect place for postgrads to socialise with each other on academic levels. However, they are also more than welcome to use this area as an opportunity to drink their third coffee of the day and stare into space, dreading tackling the mountain of work they have to complete.

On a lighter note, this café sells lovely traybakes! Open from 8am until 7pm Monday to Friday, and 10am until 5pm on weekends.

Soundbite Bar & Restaurant in the Queen Margaret Union

Believe it or not, inside one of the ugliest buildings on campus therein lies some of the best food options. Located on the second floor you’ll find the Soundbite Bar & Restaurant, a restaurant serving Asian-fusion food from a vast menu. This spot has been a hit since its opening, not only is the food great but it also has karaoke (what’s not to love?).

Recent reviews online have been largely extremely positive, with one Google review saying: “Didn’t know we had such a homey restaurant at Glasgow Uni! With a Malaysian and Chinese food menu, this wee gem was a delightful visit!… Not to mention prices were also student-friendly!”.

Alternatively, if you fancy a quicker and cheaper lunch, the ground floor of the QMU hosts both a café and a “Pop-up Shop| Chinese Takeaway next to the music venue, selling variations of chips, chicken and curry sauce.

The Union Kitchen in Glasgow University Union

This is a great option for a cheap and cheerful lunch. The menu varies day to day but always has a variety of options, and consistently serves vegetarian and vegan dishes. Though the queueing and collecting your food system is somewhat ambiguous and the ketchup packets are rarely restocked, the food itself is worthwhile.

Though you may struggle to find a seat in the drawing room to eat, there is always the option of taking your food downstairs into Beer Bar and having it with a pint of fun, why not?

Listed on Glasgow Uni’s website in the Eating on Campus section there are multiple locations where vending machines are available. Though they aren’t ideal options for a fulfilling lunch, they are very handy for those in a rush between tutorials, in a building with no café facilities, or for those who are simply hankering for a snack. These are:

  • Throughout the Main Library and in Macmillan Reading Room
  • Fraser Vending Suite, Fraser Building Level 3
  • Atrium Vending Suite, Wolfson Medical School Building
  • St Andrews Building Vending Suite, Refresh & Refuel

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