Here are six wholesome moments that represent girlhood at Exeter University

A love letter to all the girls x


Happy International Women’s Day to all the gorgeous girls out there! Writing this article made me remember all the little joys we bring to each other’s lives, and boy, are we cute. Who needs daily affirmations when you’ve got the support of all your sisters behind you? Here are a few of the wholesome moments I’ve experienced in Exeter which embody this sense of girlhood:

1. Always having each other’s locations on

Sometimes it’s part of your nightly routine – making sure all your sims are in the appropriate beds. Other times, it’s to catch out the friend who says she’s “five minutes away” but hasn’t even left yet (I have been found guilty of this way too many times). However, more often than not, it’s to make sure your bestie doesn’t get kidnapped by the new guy she matched with on hinge, especially if she’s going via Sidwell Street – oh to be a woman.

2. Channelling our overprotective instincts

Considering most encounters on a TP Wednesday are not for the weak, you want to know your girls have got your back. I have definitely done my fair share of intimidation when it comes to anyone who poses a threat to any of my girls’ peace, and they’ve done the same for me. After all, you can never be too careful. One of my friends even made a guy I was talking to walk in a straight line and do a handstand outside Unit 1 (rip) before she left us alone, just to make sure he wasn’t too drunk lol. Sometimes it’s just got to be done.

3. Taking turns playing ‘mum’

One thing being at uni has taught me is that you and your girlfriends will take it in shifts with who is being the “responsible one” at any given moment. It’s a role we instinctually assume depending on who needs it most, which is so important – knowing you have a support system to fall back on when you’re being young and care free. From holding each other’s hair back in the TP toilets, to taking off each other’s make up when one of us blacks out before bed, I feel lucky to have found these relationships with my friends at uni.

4. Having a digital camera friend

There’s no hangover cure quite like getting the photo dump of the night before from your friend with a digital camera. Granted, some pictures are atrocious. But, I generally find myself gushing at how cute my friends are and thinking back to us all hyping each other up, or laughing at the fact that I have no recollection whatsoever of some pictures being taken. Ultimately, I think we owe this friend a HUGE thank you for carrying the weight of being the paparazzi for the night and making us all feel like celebrities, while capturing all these wonderful moments.

5. ALWAYS sharing a wardrobe

Girl math has OFFICIALLY entered the chat. If you have a mild obsession with Vinted like me, then you can always justify your overspending with the knowledge that a purchase for one is a purchase for all. One of my favourite activities is going shopping in my friends’ wardrobes. Lending each other clothes to make sure everyone looks their best must be a love language and we love to see it, it’s the height of femininity. The only flaw in this plan is having to stage an entire mission just to get that one top back from that one friend who you can never seem to get your schedule aligned with.

6. Group trips to the TP toilets

Nothing creates a bond quite like drunk peeing together. My friends and I must have had some of our deepest chats while hovering over the toilet trying not to fall over. It’s always a great spot for the little check-ins throughout the night as well, plus the energy in the girls bathroom on a night out is truly unmatched. It’s practically illegal to head to the toilets on your own – you are just a girl x

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