Here are the eight best places in Exeter for a hot girl walk

But you’ll make any walk hot, babe x

Whether you are a serial hot girl walker, or one of your New Year’s resolutions was to hot girl walk more, Exeter does have many hidden gems to escape to. A hot girl walk is about putting on a cute outfit, listening to a podcast (or blasting some Taylor Swift) and feeling confident to go and enjoy some scenery. You can go alone, or gossip with friends, and there’s also the opportunity to break up a hot girl walk with an iced oat vanilla latte – classic. The power that can be gained from these short little journeys are not to be underestimated, and some would say, rather help your mental state. Do not neglect getting out the house each day and doing a hot girl walk, unless you have been to TP the night before, in which case, do NOT even try attempting these. Here are some places around Exeter to strut your stuff, especially now the weather is getting warmer and you actually want to go outside.

1. The Quay

Walking to the quay is, of course, the first place that you are going to think about when you hear hot girl walk. From what once had your friends saying “No – the quay is too far, we are not walking there” to “Yes! Let’s go and grab a coffee on our way” is the power of the hot girl walk. The quay on a sunny day is the epitome of Exeter life, with the sound of the birds and being so close to the water, you might FINALLY feel relaxed – might. The joy of hot girl walking here is choosing your distance – you could walk all the way from your house and turn around. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could keep going to the mini waterfalls, or you could go even further until you end up in the fields. You set your own limits out here.

You can also switch up your route and stop and look inside some of the little shops that oversee the water. This is an especially nice location to do at the weekend when you are stepping away from uni work and grabbing a breath of fresh air. Equally, taking some friends here of an evening and sitting on a bench watching some stars is romanticising your hot girl walk to the fullest.

2. Reed Hall pond

If you are procrastinating an essay, THIS is where you are hot girl walking. This spot is a right of passage because Reed Hall pond heals all. This is an easy hot girl walk to add in to your daily schedule, and acts as a nice break in between studying. Because of the paths here, you do not need to worry about wearing a specific outfit or footwear. Nine times out of 10, the paths are not that muddy and you can head into your next lecture feeling refreshed and revived. This was a walk I did a lot in first year especially, and it is always nostalgic going back. You can do it at any time of the day really, because of the very sufficient lighting, so it’s a realistic hot girl walk to squeeze into a day.

3. Generally around campus

Moving on from Reed Hall, you can simply explore campus. With there being lots of paths, and most of them being lit, there are lots of walks to enjoy around the uni. There are ponds and gardens dotted around and you do not have to go out of your way for them. You can even go for the Exeter Uni Sculpture Walk and try and find all of the different designs. It goes without saying that you cannot sit and study for ten hours solid, (well, you can try), so adding in a quick strut around campus seems like the right shout.

A top tip for the avid hot girl walker, is instead of going up Forum Hill, to simply go slightly to the right and through the forest path. Granted, this does take slightly longer but you have the benefits of looking over the pond, seeing more squirrels, seeing some plants and no-one can see you getting out of breath as you go up the hill! You could also choose to go to the areas below the astro and break up your walk with a sit on a bench. The joy of a campus walk is that it is timeless – the con is that you might bump into someone that you know, but who doesn’t love a chat? It depends how much you need this walk.

4. Belvidere Meadows

This one is a bit niche, so it’s for the silly and quirky walkers among you. This is not a traditional route that you would think of but it is VERY pretty and worth visiting. This nature reserve is located just behind the Sports Park. You would not know that you are so close to the university, as there are lots of wildflowers, so it’s a nice calming place to take your house or flat mates. The views here are gorgeous and if you are one of the people that discovered this before the rest of us did, we all envied you when we saw your sunset photos on your Snapchat. There are lots of small nature reserves dotted around Exeter so I would recommend giving them a Google if you would like to be better than the rest of us.

5. Around the city

There are some pre-made hot girl walk routes around the city of Exeter itself, and some even come with historical knowledge and monuments. For example, you can force the girls to indulge in the Exeter Medieval Trial or Green Circle Walk with you, because who doesn’t fancy a whole new discussion topic that isn’t our dissertations? These are walks that you can just integrate on your errand days, or if you need to leave the house for a quick wonder. Cathedral Green is another great place, and when the warmer months arrive, you can walk here and read a book, break up the day with some picky picnic bits (M&S duh, we are at Exeter), or just sit listening to some music on a bench.

6. Uni gym

This is one of the most ideal places to hot girl walk on campus. Whether you fancy getting in a quick warm up before your workout or just fancy getting your body moving in style, the uni gym is for you. Pros to the uni gym are: It’s easy, convenient, and dry. Personally, I am a big fan of the setting where you can walk through the different locations on the treadmill – it is just genius. You do not have to wear any specific footwear, no coats, no need to bring anything with you. Just you, and your headphones. Cons to the uni gym are: The view, the opportunity of being disturbed by people you know, and the possibility of your headphones running out of charge and having to listen to the overstimulating place that is the gym.

7. Exmouth

This is definitely a hot girl walk from a film, so you need to be in your feels to do this one. Like, do not add this one into your daily routine, this is only for the HOTTEST of hot girl days. My best advice would be to get the train or drive there, unless you feel the need to walk – no judgement, and then have a wander across the beach. With the sun, the sound of the waves, and the smell of the sea, you will be so calm and ready to take on the world. Salt water is apparently beneficial for your airways, so not only are you doing exercise and being mindful, but you are looking out for your respiratory system. You go girl – those TP social smokes ain’t got nothing on you!

8. Dartmoor

If you are an experienced hot girl walker, you must try Dartmoor. This is definitely a location to try in term three or in the April month off when you can go and explore with your friends. Dartmoor is one of the gems of Devon and at such a close distance to Exeter, you would not want to miss out on the opportunity. It is known for its phenomenal scenery and wildlife, and has gorgeous colours drawn across the moorland. Force a friend to drive you the small distance and be at one with the moors – what more could you want! They have lots of cute pubs here and places to grab a drink if you wanted to break up your walks with your friends. This is definitely a place to take lots of photographs because it truly is beautiful. If you are going to uni here, then you don’t want to waste the opportunity of not exploring Devon. Also, think of the God complex that you are going to have above people who don’t even venture past the quay – a big slay.

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