Here’s an indisputable list of all the girl math an Exeter Uni student does

We all justify buying too many venoms in TP because girl math, duh

Girl math has become a new TikTok trend that justifies one’s extremely bad budgeting (which, isn’t actually that “bad” when broken down, right?) By applying girl math, this trend has become a light-hearted way of making yourself feel better about all your money spending. With this logic, the trend has taught us that we can “treat ourselves” as our little expenditures are, simply, just girl math. So, it’s not all that bad! As Exeter students, we know how hard it is to save money each day, especially when treating yourself to a TP Wednesday just feels too good. With the logic of girl math, the little mishaps of your budgeting seem perfectly reasonable when applied to your crippling overdraft. With that in mind, here’s a list of all the girl math an Exeter student does (probably more than once a week).

1. Stacking up empty, unattended TP cups

To make up for spending all your money on Venoms, shots, and probably an overpriced ticket you found on Overheard, the TP cups are one way of getting your money back! We have all been there: Where, at some point in the night, you become part of the TP staff and are able to single-handedly stack 10 cups in one hand. Many people bring these cups home to use for their own pres and future nights out. But. others take them to the bar and retrieve their £1 (per cup) back. What does this mean? You have profited and saved money. Yay, girl math!

2. Buying 10 Jägerbombs in Fever and not making it to your 9am lecture

Perhaps, Logic Monday or Dirty Beat Thursday escalated, and you ended up buying too many Jägers for you and your friends (or for a stranger you made friends with in the smoking area). Although you promised all your friends you would still make your 9am, you’ve woken up with an Alibaba lamb doner at the side of your bed and a raging headache. Yes, you missed the 9am. But all is not lost! With girl math, you have actually saved money as you no longer need to buy your usual coffee from Pret. A win is a win.

3. Buying overpriced society stash

We all like to buy our stash to rep the society and keep cozy in our seminars. Although the fleeces can be slightly overpriced (and send you into your overdraft), you have not put a dent in the bank. With the logic of girl math, as you wear this fleece, puffer jacket, hat, jumper or even socks every day, it is technically free. Every time you wear your stash, you are getting cost out of the wear each day. So, keep wearing those green fleeces to get your money’s worth – even if the letters start to fade from too much wear.

4. Going into Urban Outfitters and not buying anything

Exeter is riddled with the fashion of Urban Outfitters. It is very hard to go in there and not be tempted by the sale or buying the Josie tops when the student loan drops. But, going in there, having a look around, checking the price tags, and not buying anything therefore means you saved some money. Big slay. Even though you spent all your money in Zara the day before, because you didn’t spend any money in Urban Outfitters means you can double the budget tomorrow. Why? Girl math.

5. Buying a TP ticket and selling it on Overheard

Perhaps you managed to get a TP Wednesday ticket, but none of your friends did. Or, Freshers’ Flu finally caught up to you. Or, you decided to have the night in (bonus point for girl math as you’ve saved money from not buying drinks). Overheard is your friend for selling your unused FIXR ticket. Due to the high demand of people wanting to attend the Piece, your inbox becomes flooded with desperate TP-goers. However, do you decide to up-sale the ticket from £2.80 to £15 to sell to a silly fresher or simply post the screenshot to give back to the people? Either way, you are girl mathing with this one. Just don’t be a scammer, because no one likes a scammer on Overheard.

6. Going to campus and ending up at the Ram

You decide to go to campus to study really hard for an hour and get loads of work done. So, to reward yourself for being an academic weapon (you watched one lecture on two times speed and ended up chatting to your friends about your current situationship), you decide to go to the Ram for a pint. This is completely justifiable. It is a necessary expense as you must treat yourself from time to time, especially as uni work can be so exhausting.

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