We spoke to Scott, THAT guy who works in Exeter campus Pret who you’re all swooning over

The man behind the muscles x


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you definitely already know who we are talking about. With his Hercules stance and burning smoulder, “Pret guy” has been the name on everyone’s tongues. He’s an established Exeter BNOC for his charm, his muscles and obviously, his coffee. But so many of us are dying to know, who really is the hunk behind the counter?

To get to the bottom of this mystery, we decided to reach out to the BNOC himself while waiting in the Pret queue. After confusing him and the many people waiting behind us with the fact we weren’t actually there to buy a coffee, we managed to secure an interview. He even offered us a cheeky flex for the camera.

So here you have it. His name is Scott Fraser and he graduated from Exeter Uni just last year. Don’t reduce him to those bulging biceps, because Scott actually has a degree in theatre. Scott said: ‘I wish I’d done Sports science.”, but something tells us he was born for the limelight.

We did have to ask, how does he keep in such fantastic shape? Scott said: “I lean towards a bodybuilding approach in the gym, but also have a background in gymnastics.” He revealed that: “I drink a daily carton of milk, keeping my own separate stash on shift to really maintain those gains. Also, I don’t really have a go-to coffee.” which may come as a shock to all you Pret fans.

And if you’re wondering about his romantic situation, we have some bad news. We would like to send our thoughts and prayers to all the Pret lovers and PureGym fanatics out there as we regret to inform our readership that he is officially off the market. When asked about the impact of his new found stardom on said relationship, Scott responded “my girlfriend doesn’t mind at all, she actually finds it flattering”. As you should girl, as you should.

But he hasn’t let the fame get to his head, rewarding his loyal fans who stuck by him by giving out free coffees when he can (and when his manager’s not looking).

Scott actually secured the job through a friend, and has been loving it ever since. He described it as “a unique experience” working on campus after studying there for three years, and that “it’s great to see the other side of things.”

But now with his new role, Scott describes feeling like “the campus cat.” He was sure to tell us, “please mention that I DON’T want people coming up to me and petting me.” We’ve got to support him on that one, ladies and gents, please try to reign it in.


Tell me you’ve been to Pret without telling me you’ve been to Pret #exeteruniversity #exeteruni #uni #pretdaddy #fyp

♬ Push – Ryan Gosling

However, he’s already having his fair share of weird fan girl moments, such as girls asking to make TikToks with him at the Pret counter. Scott said, “I would have been up for it, for the record, but my managers weren’t too keen.” Well we hope Scott’s managers don’t do anything too drastic, because he’s surely boosting sales and subscriptions, and quickly becoming the smouldering face of campus Pret.

One girl on TikTok commented, “Third year never stepped in Pret but might have to now”, while another said “Pret man is the love of my life”. Many of the comments compare him to Sportacus from Lazy Town or Gaston from Beauty and The Beast, and many are eager to point out that behind the tough exterior “he’s a really nice chap”, and we can confirm.

Scott left us with a couple messages for his fans: First, to add him on Instagram @scottriceps (you’ll find much more muscle content on there). He also encourages everyone to “reach for the stars”. Truly the wise words of a drama student, and the Pret saviour we never knew we needed.

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