Stuck for ideas? Here are some Exeter themed Halloween costumes

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The weather is turning, campus is awash with tiny scarves and the air is thick with pumpkin spice. This can only mean one thing: Spooky season is finally upon us. As deadlines loom and reading week edges blessedly closer, one all-important question remains: What to wear for Halloween? Fear not, we’ve done the work for you. Here’s our list of last-minute, low-effort Halloween costumes with a unique Exeter twist.

1. Rugby boy

Is there anything more spine-chilling than encountering an Exeter rugby boy on a night out? With varsity fast approaching, there could not be a more appropriate time to don a green tie, blue shirt, and a pair of chinos. Complete the look with a blazer and a dodgy haircut and you’re good to go.

2. Exe-tah girlie

Like it or not, the Exe-tah girlie has become somewhat of a figurehead for the uni. For this fit, you’ll need a pair of flares, a North Face puffer, and a Fiat 500. If you want to be really method about it, loudly enquire about the whereabouts of your baccy and throw in the occasional “rah” for good measure. Pair with Air Force 1s for the ultimate couple’s costume.

3. Napoleon

As the university’s unofficial mascot, Napoleon definitely deserves a mention. This costume offers a fresh take on a classic look: The beloved black cat. Dig out all the orange you can find, scrawl on some whiskers (liquid eyeliner works wonders) and voila!

4. A Ram curly fry

As some of you may have learned the hard way, ordering regular fries at The Ram is borderline blasphemous. Pay homage to the humble (but far superior) curly fry this Halloween. Grab a pool noodle and some orange tissue paper and get creative.

5. Peggy Sue

Halloween presents a rare opportunity to re-use that Oktoberfest outfit you splashed out on in first year. Get your hands on a blonde wig (or a box of hair dye if you’re truly committed), select an appropriate prop (a box of teabags, a pack of Stella, or even a paddle board), and channel your inner Peggy Sue.

6. Venom

In many ways, a Venom is the quintessential Exeter beverage. To achieve this look, dress entirely in green or red and plaster the Timepiece logo across your chest. With TP’s rapidly growing menu, this makes for a great group costume. And who knows? You might even land a sponsorship deal in the process.

7. Phoenix

A fitting tribute to the multi-art venue on Gandy Street, this costume will put your DIY skills to the test. Deck yourself out in gold and orange and take a trip down to The Works for a mask and some feathers.

8. The Vic

Alternatively, you could take inspiration from Exeter’s vast array of pubs. For this Vic-inspired number, you’ll need only a handful of items: A dress, a tiara, and a stiff upper lip to transform into Queen Vic herself.

9. Pret takeaway cup

Save money on a Halloween costume and use it to fund your coffee addiction instead. Draw the Pret logo on a piece of cardboard, throw on a red top and a pair of white trousers (linen ofc) and you’re basically there. For a final touch, attach a straw to an old headband.

10. Waitrose

It always warms my fourth year heart to see the freshers and their parents flocking to Waitrose on move in day. Now it’s time to dig out those carrier bags you’ve been hiding from your housemates and put them to good use. This costume is incredibly versatile and you can always sub in a different supermarket, depending on where you allegiances lie.

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