10 ways to say you go to the University of Exeter without actually saying it

More specifically, how to spot a ‘rahhh’ in the wild

Have you ever seen a person wearing full Urban Outfitters with a cheeky Pret oat iced latte in hand and thought, yep, that’s an Exeter University student if I’ve ever seen one. Well, here’s how to spot the 10 most known stereotypes of Exeter students, from overpriced re-sold TP tickets to the absurdity of having to trek up practically vertical hills every day.

Who knows, maybe you will realise that even after attempting to convince yourself and your peers that you’re not – you are a typical, cliched Exeter girlie at heart.

1. A burning hatred for hills of any kind

As an Exeter student, you will find yourself spending most of your time trekking from one place to the other, and you know what that involves: hills! Welcome to Devon. Not only this, but Exeter’s students are continually pained with the renowned ‘Cardiac’ and ‘Forum’ hills. Just imagine steep hills combined with England’s continuous rainfall: it’s rough out here. At least there is the beneficial fitness aspect. Why spend £200 on a yearly gym membership when you can get jacked from just taking a stroll around the Streatham campus?

2. A new-found love (or hate) for Taylor Swift

When in Exeter, you will slowly begin to recognise that pretty much every club has an obsession (same) with Miss T-Swift. Whether that is revealed through the repeated playing of ‘Love Story’ in TP, or just from hearing ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ every now and again – she somehow finds a way to infiltrate every club. Before you know it, you will find yourself having frustratingly memorised all of the lyrics to ‘Shake It Off’. Some may love the recognition shown to the legend herself, whilst others…may definitely not. If you want to boogie to Taylor Swift, just go to one of the hundreds of themed nights out there, or join the society!

3. Spending too much money on Pret-A-Manger

Ah, a classic, it has to be mentioned. It is well known that Exetah students love a cheeky Pret on their way to and from lectures, despite having to budget and there being much cheaper places. Although the Campus has a wide scope of other smaller cafes, students (myself included) still decide to carelessly throw their money towards Pret after convincing themselves that they need a treat after a singular 1 hour lecture. Am I aware that this could financially be an issue? Yes. Will I continue these habits? Also yes.

4. Persistently indicating day-trips to the beach

I’m sure many students of Exeter (or potential applicants) applied to the University with the expectation of it being a sea-side town, romanticising surfing on week-days and devouring fish and chips after a lecture. Now, although it’s a simple train-ride to Exmouth beach, it is definitely not within walking distance. Despite the dreary English weather, UoE students will jump at the chance of a quick little trip to the beach as soon as they see a glimpse of sun appear from beneath the clouds. I myself am guilty of this, but what can I say? It’s a nice, sandy beach – with gorgeous sunsets.

5. Complaining about having ‘no money’…then buying overpriced, resold TP tickets

We’ve all been there, either by convincing someone else or being the one convinced to go on a night-out because ‘you only live once’. As the saying goes: ‘money comes back, memories last forever,’ although Exeter students may abide to this saying a bit too frequently. My advice is, if you have a mere £6 left in your bank account for the week, maybe don’t spend it on a night-out. Or do…live your best life.

6. Boasting about our renowned campus cat

If you haven’t already, meet the icon, the legend – Napoleon! If you’re ever having a dreary day, just look for this cat and he will instantly brighten your mood with his soft, golden coat. I can assure you that every Exeter student has at-least once bragged about the fact we have a campus cat, often found located mid-way on the Forum hill, perched in a patch of grass awaiting the crowds of people lining up simply to admire him. Simply look at Napoleon sunbathing in the image above – he is truly living his best life.

7. Wearing a full Urban Outfitters outfit, like everyone else

In our little city, it is not difficult to find an outfit doppelgänger of yourself. You may have woken up one morning, thinking your outfit was ‘different’ and ‘unique’, but I can guarantee you that taking a stroll around Exeter will most certainly humble you. Instead of spending £80 on a skirt at Urban, maybe try one of the hundred other shops scattered around. We are broke students after all. (A special mention to the beloved white linen trousers which all Exeter girlies live and breathe in.)

8. The prevalent ‘rah’ stereotype

Before arriving at Exeter, I thought this was merely a stereotype…oh how I was proven wrong. To this day, I still find myself getting offended when other Universities attack Exeter for being ‘posh’ and somewhat ‘snobby’, but a part of me pains to silently agree. I never thought I would hear the actual word ‘rah’ being used in a sentence, but I can confirm that people do and I was genuinely surprised to hear it being used seriously; a very small majority of people, but they exist out there – whether used ironically or not.

9. Taking the daily ‘BeReal’

Another quirk you will come to notice is that, despite the apps popularity having died down, Exeter students LOVE a cheeky BeReal, whether that is to take a touristy picture of the Cathedral, a sneaky selfie in their 2 hour lecture, or on a night out. I must admit, it is quite a cute way to bond with a group of people. Although, at-least once every couple of days you will hear someone shout “who wants to be in my BeReal?” echoing from across the Forum.

10. People unironically wearing tweed around campus

Honestly, my full respect to them. But it is another thing which evidently screams Exetah. What other University will you find crowds of people wearing full tweed suits on a Monday morning? Sometimes I feel like I’ve just emerged out of a 1920s Peaky Blinders set, but who’s complaining?

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