Knee-deep flooding causes chaos in Exeter for students trying to move into their uni house

Pennsylvania was flooded with water after heavy rainfall

Exeter students moving back to university were caught by surprise after their student area of Pennsylvania flooded.

In footage given to The Tab Exeter, a number of cars can be seen submerged at the headlights, alarms ringing, with water looking to be inviting itself through the students’ front door.

The murky water looks around knee deep as the camera pans from one side of the road to the other, showing cars and even a large van being swallowed by the flood.

One student films the chaos, surprisingly chipper as their new uni house floods behind them. A second student is seen crouched over the doorway, staring seemingly helpless as the disaster unfolds. Same dude, same.

To view the full video, head over to The Tab Exeter’s TikTok @thetab.exeter

Yesterday, on September 17th, Exeter experienced heavy rain resulting in university students moving in alongside knee-high levels of water. A refreshing start to the uni year.

The house seems to be on Longbrook Street, close to Pennsylvania Road, which is known for its natural lull with small, gradual hills either side. Perfect conditions for the natural and new free public swimming pool.

Between 1pm and 2pm, a staggering 26.9mm of rainfall was recorded. A further 14.5mm followed between 2pm and 3pm. For comparison, ‘very heavy rain’ is considered to be anything greater than 8mm… splish, splash huns.

Other students in the area were also affected by the huge flood that hit the student area. Also suffering through the rain was a public health Master’s student on her way to the gym. She told The Exeter Tab: “All things considered, wading through knee-deep water is a very fitting way to start a gym day. I mean, it’s already gonna be a bad one so no damage done. To be fair, even more fitting was ending the gym sesh by hysterically using the toilet’s hairdryers to dry off our shoes.”

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