We asked ChatGPT to plan a student night out in Exeter and here’s what it said

Who knew Old Timers had an AI fanbase?

Some people use AI sites like ChatGPT to write their essays, but if you’re looking to avoid a plagiarism case and fancy a bevvy, look no further, because we challenged it to plan the perfect Exeter student night out. We asked our friend ChatGPT ‘plan a night out in Exeter for students’ – we broke down the response it gave us:

1. “Start with dinner at The Old Firehouse. This is a popular spot among students, known for its delicious pizzas and relaxed atmosphere.”

Okay, so maybe we should have put the words “cheap” or “under £10” into the chat as thanks to miss cossie livs, going on a full night out with dinner and all is a little unrealistic, with most of us heavily relying on pres and getting a TP ticket well in advance in order to keep costs low. But they’re right about one thing – Firehouse is always a vibe, and a great way to have a chilled night out with your besties.

Rating 6/10.

2. “After dinner, head over to The Vaults. This underground club is a student favourite and offers a variety of music genres to dance to.”

Not sure when the last time AI went to Vaults was, but I’m guessing a while ago to label it as a “student favourite”. With most students heading to TP or Cavern over Vaults, it’s not exactly a favourite spot but it’s definitely a wild card one. Heading to Vaults is something most students tend to do when out for drinks, spontaneously decide to carry on the night out, realise they don’t have tickets for anywhere and / or no where else is open. Generally people have both some of their best and worst nights at Vaults.

Rating: 2/10.

3. “If you’re in the mood for a more chilled vibe, check out The Bike Shed Theatre. They have a bar with a great selection of drinks and often host live music or comedy shows.”

Unfortunately, Chat GPT is a little out of date as The Bike Shed Theatre closed in 2018, and became the Bootlegger instead. A quick Google showed how the underground space used to look, with it’s classic brick walls, a small stage and a well stocked bar – so it would have made a really fun, offbeat night out, and honestly, I’m quite sad it doesn’t exist anymore. Bootlegger is still a great option to go for a drink (if a little ££) – but probably best as a whole evening’s destination rather than a stop on your way.

Rating: 1/10.

4. “Next, make your way to Timepiece. This club is known for its cheap drinks and student-friendly atmosphere. They often have themed nights and guest DJs, so make sure to check their schedule beforehand.”

Now you are talking… Not quintessential student night out in Exeter can realistically be done without a TP moment. Again, inflation may have got the better of ChatGPT’s advice as we’ve all had the sickening moment of checking our bank balance the morning after a night out and seen that we thought buying a round of Venoms was a great idea – maintenance loan forgotten. Or else, ChatGPT has clearly heard about the Surrey signet ring population and thinks that out night out has no budget. But they’re right about one thing – check in advance for TP to make sure you get tickets pre-night-out, so you don’t have to scour and haggle on Overheard at 9pm on Wednesday.

Rating: 8/10.

5. “End the night with a kebab from Firehouse Doner Kebab. This spot is open late and perfect for satisfying those post-night out cravings.”

No night out is really complete without a midnight snack, something ChatGPT is clearly on our page about, and suggests the other Firehouse to seal the deal. A hotly contested topic, everyone has a different go-to for their post night out food – whilst personally it has to be Efes for the win, anywhere that does some sort of chips is going to be a people pleaser.

Rating: 7/10.

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