If you have 49/53 of these things you definitely live in an all girls student house

And if you don’t, you can’t sit with us

All girls houses could be a science experiment. With sleepovers (despite having your own bed next door), sharing clothes and never giving them back and wine nights in your dressing gowns. The most random things happen in these houses, so how come we can all relate? If you’ve lived, or are still living, (you lucky things) in an all girls house you will have most of these things.

1. Blankets

Fluffy blankets are a must, especially when you can’t turn the heating on.

2. Candles

In wine bottles, in candle holders or just your standard Yankee Candle. You light them most nights to romanticise your life and to live out your Pinterest board.

3. Alternative milk

At least one of you claims to have a dairy intolerance (me) or someone who is experimenting with veganism.

4. Rarely used kitchen appliances

Bonus points if they’re pink.

5. Coffee machine

You still spend £4 on a Pret everyday, but you like to have the first one for free.

6. Pink bathmats and towels

I feel like boys don’t even own bathmats, whilst girls go extra because they’re pink and (sometimes) clean.

7. An ‘everything draw’

You have no idea what is in here: a shoe, a pen or your ex’s charger. You never go in there and yet it contains half of your belongings.

8. Half empty bottles of wine and gin

The wine has gone off but one day you may need it for pres so you will never get rid of it. Especially as the bottle bank is all the way down the road.

9. Flasks

You rarely remember to take them but when you do you feel like you’re doing Greta Thunberg proud.

10. Cleaning equipment

You have mops, surface spray, and laundry detergent. Whether it gets used is a whole other story.

11. A bag with all your other reusable bags in

You never take them to your Aldi shop so it just keeps growing.

12. Water bottles lying around everywhere

You sit down anywhere and they just appear.

13. Your friend’s jumper in your wardrobe

It’s practically yours now.

14. Mirrors

Fit checks are a must.

15. Colourful phone chargers

Because Apple ones break.

16. A place for all your shoes (usually just by the door)

Bonus if they’re all Uggs or Airforce.

17. Plants

Being a plant mum is hard!

18. Vegan protein powder

For the two days of the week you think you’re a gym queen.

19. Yoga mats

You had all good intentions to take up yoga… doing it is another story.

20. Coasters

Do you use them, no.

21. Books that will never be read

Buying self help books don’t help if you don’t read them.

22. Key ring accessories

And then a place for when they all fall off (usually in the everything draw).

23. A fruit bowl

It may have one brown banana in but it had good intentions.

24. Nail varnish

You can find these down the sofa, on the table or under your bed. It’s like a lucky dip.

25. A shower puff

You can’t clean yourself any other way.

26. Nice smelling shower gel

No Radox here please.

27. Wine glasses shelf

A display of them, mixed in with a few TP cups.

28. Vaseline everywhere

These bad boys are the unsung hero of winter.

29. Diffusers

Electric or reed diffusers smell amazing and mask the fact you haven’t mopped the kitchen floor.

30. Extra wardrobe space

This is an essential item.

31. Cameras

Because phones just don’t cut it anymore. Film, digital or disposable – they’re all making a comeback.

32. Girly drinking games

‘In the Girls Bathroom’ is a must.

33. About eight pots of hummus between you

All half eaten.

34. Teddies

You may be grown ups, but you never miss an opportunity for Build-a-Bear.

35. Fridge Magnets

And a decorated fridge of course.

36. Christmas / Valentine’s / Birthday decorations still up

It’s not an orange garland, it’s a garnish tree now.

37. An overflowing glass bin

Hands down the worst chore that no one ever does.

38. A draw just for birthday stuff

Banners, balloons, candles, a tiara maybe? A dedicated draw of birthday paraphernalia ready to celebrate.

39. Cowboy hats

Most likely pink and/or fluffy. Again, no one quite knows how you acquired them, and they’re probably stuffed down the sofa.

40. Inflatables


41. Flowers

Fake, dried, or fresh, at some point you will definitely listened to Miley one too many times, and got yourself a lovely bunch of flowers adorning your window sill.

42. Crystals

Okay, you’re not one hundred per cent sure what each of them does or means, but they look nice.

43. A Velvetiser

“It was a present”.

44. A salt lamp

Probably purchased around the same time as the yoga mat and/or crystals.

45. So much bath stuff

(Even if you only have a shower).

46. Multiple vitamins

It still counts if you forget to take them right?

47. Your wifi password in a sensible place

Probably stuck on your fridge with a novelty magnet.

48. An Amazon Fire Stick / a Smart TV

You are not missing Love Island.

49. A Vinted or Depop account

Bonus points if most of the items listed are living in a housemate’s wardrobe.

50. Pictures from a photo booth

You’re all a bit shit-faced, but it’s wholesome nonetheless.

51. Crafting stuff

Whether it’s knitting needles, macrame cord, or watercolours and a sketch pad, you all love a mental health crafternoon.

52. Multiple bottles of pink gin

Still half full as you realise it’s not actually that nice.

53. Fairy lights (in every room)

They really can solve most of life’s problems.

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