Yes, spiking is a problem, but giving more power to bouncers is not the answer

Should we really be giving more control to people that are often part of the problem?

Can influencers stop pretending designer goods are affordable? They’re not

Designer brands are a luxury for a reason

10 reasons why ‘resting bitch face’ isn’t a crime

Your discomfort with my face is your problem – not mine

Boohoo labels Japanese writing as ‘Chinese text’: are Asians all the same to you?

Labelling all Asian cultures as ‘the same’ is damaging and offensive

No counselling, no contact hours, and no safety net: Edinburgh Uni is failing its students

“If I’m not getting the teaching, the counselling, or the resources, then what am I still paying for?”

Why is Edinburgh Uni allowed to slack in teaching but we’re not allowed to as students?

“Students can’t be expected to perform at the same level when they’re not receiving the same quality of education.”

I am fully done with the anti-abortion protestors outside Chalmers

“At the end of the day, the right to choose is yours and yours alone”

We can’t register at two different GPs as students and it’s completely ridiculous

“I had to find a way to measure my own blood pressure”

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