Humanities and Art students blatantly subsidise Science students and it’s not cool

We’ll be working for them one day anyway

Kanye West is this generation’s Walt Disney, and he deserves your respect

‘This generation’s closest thing to Einstein, so don’t worry about me, I’m fine’

Just because I don’t like opera or Shakespeare, it doesn’t mean I’m uncultured

By referring to culture as things the working class aren’t exposed to, you’re invalidating our intelligence and upbringing

If you don’t call out your group chat racism, you’re no better than those sending the messages

BAME students are calling on everyone to finally stop being so complicit

The mental health policy of one of the EUSA Presidential candidates isn’t up to scratch at all

It needs to be taken more seriously

Enough of this madness, Edinburgh’s estate agents need to start treating students like human beings

Flat viewings are more akin to the Hunger Games

‘Tuition fee variety’ won’t help working class students, it will disadvantage them

It’s turning uni into Waitrose vs. Lidl, with prospective students shopping where they can afford

Hurrah! Today marks 100 years of having the vote – for propertied, 30+ women that is

Turns out the 1918 Representation of the People Act wasn’t very representative at all

Regardless of his past, Edinburgh Uni paying its new Vice Chancellor a £342,000 basic salary is unjustifiable

Peter Mathieson will also receive a £410,000 ‘welcome package’

People who talk in lectures need to get some manners or just leave

You’re not special, don’t act like you are

Stop telling me I’m not working class anymore just because I go to university

Because tofu and books apparently denounce your background

Applause at the end of lectures is a plague that must be stopped

Please. Stop. Clapping. You. Absolute. Weapons.

Monday’s exams and deadlines should be rescheduled after tomorrow’s unexpected library closure

How are we supposed to access the HUB reserve?

The Edinburgh Uni library toilets are the worst thing about revision

Sort it out, Edinburgh

Only having four contact hours of uni a week doesn’t mean my degree is easy

I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy and stop shitting on other peoples’ degrees

Teviot have raised the price of the Halloumi Burger from £5 to £5.70 and enough is enough


The Tatler Guide to Edinburgh Uni is out and it’s obviously incredibly tragic, darling

“John Burnett is rumoured to be the most expensive digs in Europe, which is why it’s the realm of Russian princesses.”

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