Day in the life: Edinburgh Uni’s Rounders President

A new sports club is taking the University by storm

It’s a Thursday and Josie Bryan, President of the Rounders society, has got a big day ahead.

Having been founded only last year, the rounders club has grown in size and activity, now consisting of training on Thursdays and Sundays and a social every other Thursday evening.

Committee members from left to right: Miranda, Amelia, Nancy, and Josie


Up and at ’em. After a few chants of “rise, rounders, repeat” in the bathroom mirror, Josie grabs her breakfast (oats with all the toppings) and an iced coffee.

Brekkie to fuel a rounders-filled day.


A 9am tutorial starts off Thursdays for our busy geography girl, armed with a bag that I can only assume to be filled with colouring pencils and Pritt Sticks.

A brisk Bruntsfield commute.

10:00 – 12:00

After her tutorial, she heads straight off to two lectures in a row, where I imagine duller moments may see her daydreaming of “big hitter” cries and triumphant catches.


Keeping hydrated in the law library as an athlete should.

With all of these done, its time for Josie to head off to the library – law of course!

(Disclaimer: This is modelled on those dreamy days of time gone by where you could find a library seat without selling your soul xx)


Josie, Gabriel, and Miranda handling the set up.

After committing her morning to being an academic weapon, Josie heads off to pick up the actual weapons (I am told a clarification is here required in that rounders-related injuries only happen very rarely and are quickly attended to with their new and very real first-aid kit) and set up on the Meadows before the masses arrive.


A warmup run in the meadows, directed by Josie’s whistle.

It’s go time! Josie and the team lead a wee warmup before setting everyone off into drills and match play – crucial training for their Sunday matches. With great turnout and enthusiasm, you may spot them on your Meadows commute to the Uni or hear drifting cries of “butter fingers” from the surrounding area.

Pretty skies over high-intensity batting drills.


Rounders social.

After announcing the score to an impatient group, Josie heads back to her lovely Bruntsfield flat to get ready for the social ahead. This tends to consist of a quick shower, a meal that almost certainly has some form of cabbage and veggie meat, and getting dolled up as per the theme of the evening – a recent favourite being Professor Plum from Cluedo for a murder mystery night.

Rounders bonfire.

It’s been a busy Thursday but a happy, rounders-filled one.

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