Rose Bates

Student Contributer

Rose Bates
Edinburgh University

Opinion, guides, sports, activism, French, history, advice, cooking, hosting, Edinburgh, student lifestyle, features, and societies

  • Rose is currently a Student Contributor for the Tab Edinburgh and has done well in the guide genre
  • For the most part, Rose's work revolves around opinion and guides, but she is also interested in interview and public opinion pieces
  • Rose is a member of the University's hockey club as well as an intra-mural 5-a-side football team and loves to cook for her friends in her spare time


Rose Bates joined the Edinburgh Tab as a student contributor in the summer of 2023 at the start of her second year at the University of Edinburgh.


Rose is in her second-year at the University of Edinburgh and is studying for a MA Hons French and History degree. She is a proficient French speaker and will spend her third year of university studying in France.


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