An essential ranking of Edinburgh’s best hangover spots

Who needs sobriety when you have carbs?

Whether you’ve gone too hard at sports night, spent the night at Hive or just took pre-drinks too far, you’re bound to have a few rough mornings during your time at Edinburgh Uni. Now and again, a carby hangover cure is simply a must to help soak up all that alcohol and mop up those bad decisions.

1. Snax cafe

Taking the top spot is, without a doubt, Snax Cafe, perfectly poised at the edge of the meadows and within stumbling distance of campus if you attempted to make your 9am. Snax has a full breakfast for £5, so it’s at the top of my list. 

Serving a classic breakfast cafe with carbs on carbs that will mop up all your booze and prevent the hangxiety from taking over. After an evening at Subway – this is your anti-venom.

2. Civerinos

An Edinburgh classic any day of the week; cheese, bread and the best parmesan fries in town, this place can definitely soak up all of last night’s bad decisions. With multiple locations, it doesn’t matter if you wake up in your own bed or someone else’s; you will always be close enough to a Civs. Due to this being a classier spot, don’t turn up in your PJs with last night’s makeup still on. Regardless, Edi students would be lost without Civs.


This one is for all the first years – a JMCC breakfast/brunch is the ultimate hangover cure.

Just load your plate up with hashbrowns, drink an endless amount of coffee, and take a hefty dose of awkward shame as you walk past all the people who saw you in WhyNot the night before, and there’s no shame in turning up in your PJs. The only problem with a good old JMCC breakfast is that it ends at 10:30am, so it may not be your best option if you’ve just come from Hive till Five.

4. Bobby’s

After stumbling out of Bongos, Dropkicks or Three Sisters on Paddys Day, the blue light of Bobbys is a beacon to all Edinburgh students. Now, Bobby’s Chip Shop is more of a hangover prevention than a hangover cure, but we all know that the best way to cure a hangover is to start the night before. 

It is always one of the last places open after a night out, and the queue out the door speaks for itself. So, whilst just outside my top three, Bobbys will always be worth a mention.

5. Bross bagels

If you want to feel like you’ve got your life together with an Instagram-worthy bagel, this is the place for you. Bross serves just the right amount of complex carbohydrates to soak up all that fun you had the night before on the Gary’s pole.

A bit on the pricier side puts this gem a tad further down the list – but it makes the cut.

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