Georgie Hayley

Georgie Hayley
Edinburgh University

Georgie mostly focus on the features section, she has focused on the food scene in Edinburgh and the culture within sports clubs. Her articles have had a wide reach with her second published article being the most read article for the week it was published. She is looking to expand into news as her experience with the tab begins to grow.

  • Georgie Hayley is a student contributor for the Edinburgh Tab. She writes on trends and life experiences in the Edinburgh student scene by mostly writing in the features section
  • Georgie focuses on aspects of student lives outside of their degrees. Focusing on what student life is like for young people, she aims to relate to her peers and discusses things they will have all experienced
  • Outside of the tab Georgie enjoys being physically active. She is an avid skier, loving always being outside and in the mountains.


Georgie Hayley is still a new writer for the tab. Having only started writing for the tab this year she has focused on features. Aiming to be able to show herself as relatable and understanding of her peer group and the city she lives in. Georgie is extremely passionate about the work she has done for the tab and is very exited to continue writing for them in the future as her experience and confidence with journalism grows.


Georgie grew up in South West London and attend her local state school for the majority of her education. She then moved to a sixth form college for her a-level years. Here she studied history, politics and economics. Before starting her university career at the University of Edinburgh in September of 2022 studying International Relations.


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