Eight of the best Edi date spots in time for cuffing season

We’ve done hot girl summer, now it’s time for nauseating couple winter

You’ve had your summer’s fun; now it’s time to find someone to keep you warm over winter. This list of fun date ideas, ranging from free of charge to rather pricey (if you’re the type to wine and dine), will give you the tools to find the stereotypical Edi relationship of your dreams. Unless relationships aren’t your thing, in which case, these activities would be just as fun to do with friends.

Calton Hill at sunset (specifically Guy Fawkes Night)

Calton Hill at sunset is the Edinburgh Uni equivalent of marriage. It doesn’t get any more serious than this. Free of charge to walk up with spectacular views of Princes Street from the top, makes it all in all, a very romantic spot (so much so that it featured in the film Sunshine of Leith for the couple’s first kiss, so if you don’t believe me, believe in the art of cinema).

Also, Calton Hill is the IDEAL spot to watch the various fireworks displays around Edinburgh on Guy Fawkes Night (5th of November).

Sunday Market at Stockbridge

The paella stand is so good. Do not sleep on the paella stand. But yes, just a short walk to Stockbridge on a Sunday and you will find market stalls of cheese, paella, sausage rolls, curry, etc. A really fun day out if you fancy something wholesome. Make sure to walk through The Water of Leith Walkway, underneath Dean Bridge, so you can listen to the stream and check out St Bernard’s Well.

Bonfire and Civerinos Slice at Portobello

Portobello Beach is just a quick 50 minute bus journey away, (free with a young scot card!). Grab a blanket and wrap up warm, build a fire and fall in love, or whatever.

The Jazz Bar

The Jazz Bar does a student night on Tuesdays, with free admission and discounted drinks if you show the bouncer your student ID. They have great artists performing all the time, and again, some romantic candle-lit vibes. Make sure to try their spicy ginger beer. Emphasis on SPICY.

The Edinburgh Botanical Gardens

Free admission and super pretty, located on the far end of Stockbridge. They have a cute cafe and a stunning view of the city. The perfect place to pop the all-important question – will you put me on matchmaking Monday?

Picnic by Duddingston Loch

Who doesn’t love a picnic? It’s cheap and shows you can make an effort. A short walk around Arthur’s Seat takes you to Duddingston Loch, a beautiful area for a romantic meal.

It’s also near Dr Neil’s Garden, another botanical garden filled with winding paths and ponds.

Leith Walk

I know this may come as a shock to some of you, but there is more to Edinburgh than just Newington and the Meadows. Leith Walk in New Town has extraordinarily cool bars and shops, including some INCREDIBLE bakeries that are perfect if you love pastries as much as your significant other.

Hobz Bakery is fantastic, and the cinnamon croissant muffin is a religious experience. If someone took me here on a date, I would have no choice but to marry them.

Edinburgh Zoo

Personally, I would go just for the penguins. They’re so hilarious to watch. Would I pay more attention to the penguins than I would my date? Yes. But is that so wrong?

Now go and ask that Library crush out on a date. No more cryptic Match Making Monday posts; make those dreams a reality.

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