Fourth year Edinburgh Uni students have lost over £2,600 in tuition fees due to strikes

There have been 61 days of strikes since 2019

Since strikes began in first year of 2019, fourth year University of Edinburgh students from outside Scotland have lost £2,600.23 in tuition fees.

UK students pay £9,250 per year at Edinburgh University, and with an average of 217 teaching days in an academic year, every day costs UK students roughly £42.63. So with 61 days of strikes taking place since 2019, fourth year students have now lost out on £2,600.23 worth of tuition fees.

This figure assumes that a student would be impacted by every single time in the past four years there have been strikes, and takes into consideration the upcoming strikes in February and March as well.

For international students, this figure is far higher, with some international students paying up to £32,100 per year, or more if they study medicine. International students are paying an average of £147.93 per day to study at Edinburgh, resulting in fourth year international students losing over £9,000 in tuition fees over the past four years.

Currently, the only compensation the university has set up is a “Learning Opportunity Fund using money not spent on staff salaries. If your classes are impacted by strike action you will be able to apply for a payment of up to £350.

“The fund can be used to pay for learning opportunities of most kinds, including conferences, short courses, online courses and part-payment of longer or more expensive.”

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