Rushford Court to become Durham’s eighteenth college ‘in the longer term’

There are plans for it to be used by Hild Bede when the college is renovated

The Tab has learnt that Durham University intends to turn Rushford Court into a new eighteenth college.

Situated on North Road in the Viaduct, Rushford Court is a fifteen-minute walk from town, and only five minutes from the train or bus stations. According to the Unite Students website, it is a ‘restored Victorian building paired with modern accommodation facilities’ and also boasts a free on-site gym, cinema room, and games area, plus several en-suite rooms.

According to Simon Forrest, the Hild Bede principal, Durham University are going “to work with Unite… to develop their existing site” and plans to “further enhance the student experience, and provide the facilities associated with a Durham University College”, such as the “offer of flexible spaces to provide common rooms, a College café bar and study and creative areas” while “also exploring the option of a new gym”. More details are going to be released soon.

Simon Forrest adds that “in the longer term, Rushford Court will provide the University with a new eighteenth university college”.

The news of a brand-new college comes amidst the profound housing crisis in Durham, as many students have been left stranded after the scramble to find houses last term for the 2023/24 academic year partly due to the university accepting too many students.

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