We asked Cardiff students their experiences of bringing their car to uni

To drive, or not to drive?

We don’t know about you, but when we pictured bringing our cars to uni, we thought of late-night Maccies runs, cute day trips to Barry, and general slaying around Cathays to the tune of Charli XCX’s Vroom Vroom.

These things are a reality, for sure, but what we hadn’t considered were some of the challenges that come with owning a car in the CF24 postcode area. We asked Cardiff students for their experiences, so if you’re thinking of making use of that allotted parking permit, here are some handy stories to help you make up your mind.

Taylor, first year electrical engineering

Taylor had an absolute shocker with a late-night car crash leading to his car being written off while he slept. He and his flatmates were woken up by “tires screeching” and a “loud thud”, before he went outside and noticed his car had shifted metres from where he had parked it. The crash, which took place on Richmond Road, led to Taylor missing a whole week of uni. Not ideal at all.

Charl, MA broadcast journalism

Charl loves the convenience of driving, being able to get home whenever she needs and loves the privacy of using her car as a personal crying zone when needed. We’d rather cry in our cars than on the SU stairs where everyone can see (defo not like this has ever happened to us).

Beth, third year history

It’s not all quite as sunny for Beth, who said her car “has been absolutely violated in Cathays”. Beth has even come home to discover an entire kebab had been tossed across the windshield. Honestly, what a waste of a kebab – clearly the cozzy lives isn’t affecting everyone.

Gwen, third year journalism and communications

If you’re not from around these parts, and your train journey home takes six hours like Gwen’s does, having your car at uni is a godsend. Being able to get home in the privacy and comfort of your own car, with no children kicking the back of your seat or inevitable delayed trains, is certainly a perk. Gwen also loves the freedom her car gives her to explore. What’s the point in living near the beauty of the Brecon Beacons if you can’t go and see them, right?

Andie, second year english literature

Taylor isn’t the only one whose experienced irreparable damage in Cathays. Andie’s car was skidded into whilst on her way to an appointment. She pointed out that the way Cathays is laid out meant she had to leave her car in someone’s driveway for days before it was scrapped, commenting on the lack of space on the streets to park. If you’ve ever had to deal with a frustrated parent angling for a space for their VW full of your stuff on moving day, you’ll know exactly what Andie means.

Andie also pointed out the lack of parking in uni accommodation, an issue that has infuriated students, parents and Uber Eats drivers for years gone by. The fight for a space outside Taly North is a bitter one, and we are so glad those days are behind us.

So, will you be bringing your car to uni? Hopefully this guide has helped you make your mind up – we look forward to nearly being run over by you outside The Woody soon.

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