Far-right group Students Against Tyranny seen trying to recruit new members in Swansea

The group was among two others promoting conspiracy theories in the city centre


South Wales Police were called to Swansea city centre last month after a collective of far-right groups, including one headed by a former University of Wales student, were attempting to attract new members with pro-conspiracy theory leaflets and stickers.

Students Against Tyranny, Voice of Wales and Banners on Bridges Cardiff reportedly invited their members via encrypted messaging to take part in “outreach” work on 17th April in Swansea.

Members were seen handing out leaflets and stickers about conspiracy theories against 15-minute cities and cashless societies. These are both things they claim will limit people’s privacy and freedom.

Students Against Tyranny is a UK-wide far-right group, established in 2021, which describes itself as “a platform to connect like-minded young people in their areas so they don’t feel so isolated in their opinions and beliefs.”

The group is led by James Harvey, a former University of Wales student.

The film and TV student made headlines in his first year after his university warned students spreading Covid misinformation could face disciplinary action.

Students Against Tyranny had labelled Covid as “rebranded flu” and told people to “wake up”, advising 15-21 year olds to refuse vaccination.

A spokesperson for the University of Wales said: “The university is aware of comments made by an individual on social media who appears to be linked to our community. Such views do not reflect the position of the University. We have in place a Student Code of Conduct and expect all our students to respect and abide by our regulations.”

According to the group’s website, it claims to be “committed to exposing exactly what universities have become”, citing an aversion to the “Marxist left-leaning education system”.

Its Instagram page also appears to include claims that climate change is a “scam”.

David Lawrence of anti-extremism group, Hope not Hate said: “Campaigning against 15 minute cities is proving to be another avenue for far right activity.

“The majority of people campaigning against new traffic measures don’t step into harmful territory and would be appalled to discover the hateful motivations behind fellow protestors.”

Featured image via @jamesharvey_sat on Instagram.

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